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The majority of men might not have imagined that it would be a film and television character “Olivine” who has exhausted almost all their brain cells recently:

Do you think Olivine looks good?

Olivine praised you, what will happen to you?

There was a lively girl Lin You licked your ice cream, how did you react?

Someone replied with an explosive desire for survival:

“Have you ever seen a unicorn? I just hit her head like that.”

I thought it was a perfect answer, but I didn’t expect to be directly killed by serial questions:

“So why did you go out for ice cream with other girls in the first place?”

The most uncomfortable thing is that someone will simply and crudely define based on the test results:

The boy’s answer is wrong, your three views are not in harmony.

Boys can’t give a standard answer because they don’t love girls enough.

Online emotional bloggers also derived a series of boyfriend tests by Ms. Olivine:

The boyfriend loyalty test, the boyfriend’s desire to survive, the best boyfriend standard list… People are always happy to check these standards with their boyfriends, as if this is the golden rule for testing true love.


“If he loves you or not, you can tell by the standard”

Long before “Olivine Test”, there were a bunch of standards for testing the other half on the Internet.

For example, the “full score boyfriend test”, a handsome male protagonist with 100 points should look like this:

The boy drove a newly bought luxury car, and the trunk was full of gifts after opening;

Late at night, the girl shouts hungry, and her intimate boyfriend gets up to make a big meal in minutes;

No matter how important the work is, if the girl calls, the boy immediately leaves the job to accompany her…

In the comment area, one of the most frequent comments by netizens is “Today is another day to envy other’s boyfriends.”

Many people vent their grievances under a video of “boyfriend’s love details” / Weibo comment area
There are also bloggers meticulously designed a set of “qualified boyfriend exam papers”, one by one, defining whether your boyfriend loves you.

For example, if you ask “I have a cold today, go and beat my leader”, the first sentence should not be “Why do you want to fight the leader”, but “I have a cold, have you taken medicine?”, Otherwise, just don’t care.

Or, if you deliberately stain your boyfriend’s shirt with an eyeliner, the other party’s response must be to “buy a new eyeliner” instead of asking about your shirt, otherwise you will be a guilty man.

Various love experts on social networks will continue to “love teaching”: what is the standard of love, what performance can reflect the love of each other, and what kind of love can last.

He doesn’t love you if he doesn’t buy lipstick.

The man must apologize for quarreling.

What the other person wants to hear when angry is not reasonable.

People who love you will also reply to facebook at two in the morning.

Don’t take the initiative, people who care about you will take the initiative to come to you…

Under the guidance of these brainwashing love teachings, many people’s emotional management has gradually deviated from their own conditions, deviated from their own preferences, and turned into a model of judging by applying famous sayings.

Love or not, should you continue? Flip through the short video and do the test questions to know.

Under an emotional blogger video, netizens comment like this / Weibo comment area

“Whether he loves you or not, I’ll know under the test”

If you listen to other people’s stories too much, you will inevitably wonder whether the love you get is too light.

Not long ago, a marriage proposal video was swiped on Weibo.

The video has a high “sugar content”-a handsome boy who proposed to his beloved girl in several different ways for three consecutive years.

In the barrage, blessings and envy are endless, and at the same time, there is no lack of dissatisfaction with her boyfriend.

“It’s another day to cry for someone else’s love”

“How can I let him see this video”…

Many girls simply express their thoughts in the comment area.

If you get a reply in time, it’s better to say, if you sink into the sea, there will be disappointment and doubt.

“How to let boyfriend see this video” / Weibo comment area
The news is returned in seconds, the gifts are in place, and the shots are generous…, even if the boyfriend does all of it, he only has the basic skills. If you want to gain trust, you have to pass the “test.”

Some people frequently ask test questions:

“I fell into the water with your mother, which one would you save?”

“If a member of the opposite sex suddenly takes a bite of your ice cream…”

Nowadays, a new question seems to be popular: “If you save me, you must kiss my ex-girlfriend. Will you save me or not?”

Fist to the flesh, the move is fatal.

As to which one to choose, it doesn’t matter.

Children make choices, adults are only responsible for losing their temper.

“Will I die or kiss my ex-girlfriend?”

Some people are tentatively on the verge of being “perfect”.

Turn off the game that your boyfriend is playing;

Clear his equipment and delete the game account;

Uninstall boyfriend game / “Love Defends”
Occasionally I have to “try” to run away from home to see if he will come to you.

Cold war with boyfriend, run away from home / Weibo blogger
There are also girls who make a direct move-hire someone to test their boyfriend.

Whether the boyfriend accepts applications from friends, chats a few words, and to what extent may be the source of the breakup.

Even if the other party passed the test, when they confessed, there was a big fight.

At this time, it is too late to say “no advice” to the later generations.

Deliberately testing boyfriend loyalty / Douban persuades sub-groups
Delving into all this, most of it stems from the initial anxiety:

The degree of love of my boyfriend seems to be a bit less than the passing line.

Afraid of being below average, I couldn’t help but ask for proof.

How to prove?

The blogger said: “Anyone who loves you can tolerate your worst side.”

It becomes a magic weapon for many people to test their feelings by making them temperamental and deliberately angering each other.

In the Tianya community, a male netizen shared his experience.

In the last relationship, he was very obedient to his girlfriend-picking up the bus on the last bus, learning cooking after get off work, apologizing proactively for conflicts, and never speaking loudly.

But his girlfriend still has a lot of dissatisfaction.

The bag I bought is not expensive enough; cooking is not delicious; I don’t like gifts; the house is not clean…

On one birthday, the bag he gave to his girlfriend and colleague collided with him, and he was slapped in the face by his girlfriend.

“The purpose of posting this post is to talk about how my girlfriend made my feelings for her slowly and slowly lost.”

Few people realize that emotion is not an object, but a state of thousands of stages.

You “make troubles” again and again, you think you have tested whether he loves you or not, but it also ruins the trust accumulated by both sides and pushes each other away.

Easily obey the standards of outsiders, keep accusing and doubting, in the end, it will only accelerate the consumption of this love.


Emotional blogger’s poisonous chicken soup, just listen to it

The love poison chicken soup on the video platform has actually appeared around us in various forms.

For example, there were certain emotional public accounts many years ago that knew your boyfriend better than you: “He did this because he didn’t love you enough.”

For example, the brainless little sweet drama tells you: “No matter how stupid or stupid you are, the king will forgive you in the end.”

For example, in the virtual love game of the Great Fire, a person who truly loves you will “sword the shadows of the mountains and rivers, just to protect you for the whole life.”

The reason these settings and poisonous chicken soup can hit the hearts of some girls is precisely because they meet their needs for a sense of security and reliability in love.

Therefore, most people desire to go beyond reality and only enjoy the beauty and convenience of love without paying any price:

It doesn’t matter if the three views are not right, it doesn’t matter if the logic is unreasonable, as long as you are spoiled.

But the reason why similar plots are so addictive is precisely because of the “surreal”.

In real life, a person who can say a thousand words of love may not be able to hand you a cup of hot water when you are sick;

The person who gave you 999 roses may not know the true taste of your meal;

People who don’t know how to answer test questions always show up when you need help the most…

The other half did not follow the so-called “standard answer”, it does not mean that he did not love you wholeheartedly.

It would be too one-sided and divorced from reality if you fall too deep in the routine of flowers and honey, so that the patterned routine is regarded as love.

Professor M.capel from the Tady University said:

“Sending flowers, eating meals, and doing things together are all artificially constructed life patterns.

Sometimes the model constructed does not reach the essence of love, but people have constructed him like love. ”

Love certainly depends on the details, but if you pick the wrong details, it becomes a caretaker.

After all, there is no “standard answer” for feeling itself.

With a thousand couples, there may be a thousand ways to get along.

Love is one’s own, and life is one’s own. How to judge and how to do it depends on the bit by bit in life.

As for the poisonous chicken soup, just listen to it for fun.


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