A Narrative From An Old Man And A Young Wife

A few days ago, one of my colleague Xiaoli complained to colleagues in the office. Xiaoli and her colleague said, if life can come back again, I advise you not to find a man who is too much older than you to marry.

She said that she was 35 years old this year and her husband was 51 years old. She found that she disliked him more and more, because his increasingly strong “old” smell made herself feel more and more unbearable.

At that time, Xiaoli was assigned to her husband’s apprenticeship as soon as she graduated. At that time, Xiaoli was only 22 years old. Her 38-year-old husband was particularly attractive in her eyes. He was mature and stable and handled things appropriately. Then he went after work. The unit’s fitness room played table tennis, flickering and moving like a lion, Xiaoli fell in love with him all of a sudden.

To Xiaoli’s surprise, her husband was still single at the time. She felt that he had never been married, and he must have been waiting for her appearance. Xiaoli felt that this was the fate arranged by God.

That’s right, Xiaoli liked men at the level of uncles at that time, and boys of the same age felt that they were all too naive, not worthy of her advanced thinking. Also, Xiaoli’s father passed away when she was a child, and she has always longed for a man who is like a father and brother to appear by her side to pet her and love herself.

Xiaoli began to pursue her husband with all her strength. It was said that women chased men and layered gauze, but Xiaoli still had a hard time chasing her. Her husband always treated her as a kid until she completed a big project plan alone. He didn’t take her seriously.

Even now, Xiaoli still remembers how she was actively performing in front of him. For all the tasks arranged by him, she requires that she must perform better than others. Whenever there is his entertainment, I will participate every time, so before and after running The earth circled him for a year, and when Xiaoli thought she had no play and was going to slack off, he actually sent a message agreeing to watch everywhere. That night, Xiaoli fell asleep with her mobile phone while laughing and crying. .

The days after marriage are very beautiful, it is especially good to find an older husband, knowing that it hurts people. He didn’t let Xiaoli do almost anything, and he really spoiled Xiaoli as a little princess. After the son was born, it was all her husband’s business to make milk powder and change diapers at night. Xiaoli never worried and stayed up all night. Husband said that in the future, he will have an eldest son on the left and an eldest daughter on the right, and his life is complete! Hearing this, Xiaoli smiled and threw a pillow to hit him.

In a blink of an eye, my son was ten years old, and his marriage life became more and more dull. What makes Xiaoli the most unbearable is that the man who used to be charming in my eyes has now become a greasy middle-aged uncle.

The trousers have been changed several batches, because the waist circumference is getting bigger and bigger; the hairline is receding year by year, the area on the forehead is getting brighter and the hair is less, so he wants to keep it longer and cover it, and there is a small comb in his trouser pocket all year round. He took it out and combed it back when he was okay; he used to not snore when he was sleeping. Since the straw-bag belly grew straight, the snoring sound became louder and louder, often causing Xiaoli to wake up in the middle of the night, kicking him constantly with her feet. The most hateful thing is that in the past, two people were always not lingering enough together. Now he is always afraid of me mentioning that, and he pretends to fall asleep every night.

He admits that he is old and can’t do anything. Every time the unit experience report is singled out, he fussed and sighed, oh, blood sugar is also high, blood lipids are also high, I have to take some antihypertensive pills, and the doctor said , Don’t be angry, and be quiet.

His mouth was clamoring to keep in good health and had to drop three highs, but the work unit had socializing, and he should eat and drink. Once he finished drinking, the sour smell when gasping was still there the next day, Xiaoli said he , When you were young, you also drank, and you didn’t see this decadent smell. What happened now? He sneered, he was old, his metabolism couldn’t keep up, and even his wife began to dislike him!

Xiaoli began to wonder how she had chosen such a man from her own eyes. Sometimes after taking a shower, Xiaoli looked at herself, her figure was basically unchanged, her waist was not thick, her breasts were not drooping, and her face was smooth and clean. Why did she lose her charm in her husband’s eyes? When I think of my age, I have to face an old-fashioned body, and my heart will feel unwilling.

One of the big clients that Xiaoli followed up was almost the same age as Xiaoli. He had been showing good wishes to Xiaoli all the time, boasting that Xiaoli was intelligent and generous, beautiful and dignified, and was the most temperamental woman he had ever met. He said that he hopes to have time to invite Xiaoli to go camping, go skiing, and go bungee jumping. He said he should take advantage of his youth to go crazy, after 45 years old, he won’t even let you bungee jumping.

Xiaoli was calm on the surface, but her heart was already excited. She desires a little vitality in life too much. She went home and said to her husband, let’s go skiing. My husband coughed twice, and my heart couldn’t stand such strenuous exercise. Xiaoli said, why don’t we take the kids to camp, and my husband gave me a blank look. How old is it? What if I get caught in the wind outside? Stop messing around, little ancestor!

Well, Xiaoli walked out of the house disappointedly, and suddenly felt that the house was like a huge cage, making herself unable to fly even if she wanted to fly. She was too depressed and wanted to indulge especially once, even if she was drunk.

However, my husband did nothing wrong, and Xiaoli didn’t want to lose her home, Xiaoli thought, oh my god! What should I do to release my depressed mood!

After listening to Xiaoli’s explanation, I often think, human beings are still animals with the supreme appearance. Any love regardless of age, maybe it is just a momentary hormonal impulse when you are young!


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