After studying hard, I know how far I am

Only when I really study hard, I know how far I am! I used to avoid DY.

I was afraid that I would become addicted, and I was even more afraid that my children would become addicted. I occasionally saw someone post on my Moments and couldn’t help but open it once, but I felt that there was no interest in joking. After training, I learned that the internet celebrities who made videos are also very hard-working. I spent a lot of thoughts during the script creation, and my views on DY have gradually changed.

I like listening to music, especially light music. They can adjust people’s mood, cultivate sentiment, expand their minds, and restore calm to impulsive and irritable moods, but I only know that it sounds good, I don’t understand the story behind this piece, and I don’t know what the creator wants to express.

After the training, I have the intention to understand the story behind the music, try to listen to popular songs, read its lyrics, and try to understand the author’s original creative intentions, and then reflect on myself, reflect on how I should do it, and take this The trickle dredges to my heart. Our family has many “Mi Xiaoquan” and “Ma Xiaotiao” series of books. The two children loved them when they were in the first and second grades, and they had to bring a book when they went to the bathroom.

I have read it curiously, but I feel that those sentences are naive. After the training, I learned that the books are written for elementary school children, and the age group in need likes such sentences. A simple story is what these children are experiencing. I suddenly discovered that writing an article is not a long-term self-confidence! You should find your own writing direction, and improve your writing content according to the reader.

Through learning, I can feel how small my life circle is, and see how many more roads are ahead, try to go, one day I will gradually get familiar! Script training class May 14 homework Assignment 1.

Write a script for Handou Ali (original adaptation based on a piece of my story today) Episode name: Surprise encounter after missing Character: Ali Xiaohui Taoxin Lufei Scene: Starbucks coffee shop Xiaohui and Tao Xin’s shared house Xiaohui office “Xiaodianzi” hotel

Act One

Starbucks coffee shop Xiaohui and Tao Xin came to the Starbucks coffee shop, Xiaohui dressed in casual clothes, wearing a pair of ordinary sneakers, plain face up, without lipstick; Tao Xin wrapped in a white tight-fitting dress, wearing 10 cm red high heels, Twisting his attractive “S” figure, he followed closely behind Xiaohui. Xiaohui turned her back to the west gate of Starbucks, facing the east gate, and fiddled with the manicure she just made; Tao Xin turned her back to the east gate, facing the west gate, playing with her mobile phone. Ali, holding the book of appointment in his hand, pushed in from the west gate. His eyes swept around the shop and walked straight towards Tao Xin.

Tao Xin blushed instantly and hung on her face shyly. “Can I sit here?” Ali smiled slightly, his eyes beaming. “Ah~~you…were you introduced by sister Liu?” “Yes! I saw this book in front of you.” Ali gently patted the book placed in front of Tao Xin. Tao Xin looked up at Xiaohui. She was still looking down on her mobile phone. “Um~~ Um, sorry, I am not your blind date, she is, she forgot about the book.” Tao Xin pointed to Xiaohui. Xiaohui heard Tao Xin talking, turned to see the book in front of Tao Xin, suddenly understood everything, blushing, and three people sat on a table. “I’m Xiaohui’s best friend, Tao Xin. Let me introduce you, handsome guy, and let Xiaohui get to know you.” Xiaohui blushed, always smiling without saying a word, but kept watching the two people in front of her. “My name is Ali and I have opened three hot pot restaurants in Greentown.” Ali ordered a cup of latte for himself, and two cups of cappuccino for the two beauties opposite.

They wanted to get acquainted with friends they had not seen for many years. “Xiaohui is a work fan, very smart, and the leaders value him very much. Sometimes when we go out to play, she still wants to work in her head. That time she was holding a mobile phone in her left hand and waste paper in her right, and saw the trash can in front of her. , I threw the phone in. It took a long time to find out that the paper was in my hand and the phone was gone, haha…” “It’s normal for people to get three a day! A buddy of mine bought a pressure cooker.

One day, on a whim, he said that he would use the bottom noodles of the pressure cooker for me to eat. But when the exhaust valve on the pressure cooker “clicked”, he was afraid of explosion. , Pull it out with great effort, and then watch the noodles one by one, popping out of that eye, haha…”

Second act

Xiaohui and Tao Xin’s shared house Ali came in with his big pockets and small pockets. Xiaohui hurriedly went to the kitchen to cook. Tao Xin and Xiao Ran sat on the same sofa and watched TV, laughing and joking. Tao Xin went into the kitchen to help, and Xiao Ran followed. Tao Xin hugged Xiaohui’s waist from behind and said coquettishly, “Old Mao’er, you are so kind!” Ali was behind Tao Xin, smiling scornfully, watching Tao Xin twist her “S”.

Act Three In front of the coffee machine in Xiaohui’s office. She put the cup on the coffee machine, turned on the button, and stared at the cup without blinking, with no expression on her face.

“Ah~~Xiaohui, your coffee flows all over the place!”

Colleague Lu Fei called out in surprise.

Xiaohui hurried to clean up, and Lu Fei also came to help him.

Xiaohui went to see Luffy gratefully, and Luffy was looking back at her, eyes meeting, Xiaohui’s blushing.

Act Four Xiaoguanzi Hotel Xiaohui and Lu Fei had lunch together, and Lu Fei ordered a bowl of hand-made noodles. On the surface, Luffy smiled “pouch~~”, and then told Xiaohui about her embarrassment: for the first time, cooking noodles in a pressure cooker… Xiaohui’s phone rang.

“Old Mao’er, your ex-boyfriend and I will go to get the certificate tomorrow. Are you going with us?”

“Waist Jing” voice. “No! I don’t want to eat dog food.” “You are okay at home, just be a witness for us!” “Who said I’m okay? I have to go on a date!”

“Wow~~My old hat is really good! Is it with that handsome guy who cooks noodles in a pressure cooker?” “you guess!” Homework 2: Guo Xiaoying’s Growth Guo Xiaoying loves insects Guo Xiaoying, who is in the first grade of elementary school, goes to a well-known elementary school. The students here are all outstanding students selected from the local area. The school’s teaching methods are also very characteristic. Needless to say, the correct course of Chinese and English, teachers have unique skills to teach them well.

But the students prefer a science class called “We Love Insects”. In the science class, the teacher told them: ants, earthworms, cicadas, centipedes, frogs…Every time in science class, the students are very enthusiastic, and Guo Xiaoying loves them even more.

Guo Xiaoying asked her mother to buy an “ant nest” online, and the merchant gave a few unique ants, and she caught ants from the small garden… After the rain, Guo Xiaoying went to the garden to observe the earthworms… Homework three, your natal hero (only write one book in your life), just write a story.

My natal hero:

He was born in a poor village in the 70s. When he was born, his father cooked the best meal for his mother-cornmeal nest with hot pimple. He didn’t wear new clothes when he was a child. The old clothes of his brothers have been with him for many years. After school, his classmates dislike him, teacher We pity him, “Go to college, change the life of the family” has taken root in his heart since he was a child.

When he was in high school and college, “smoking is harmful to health” appeared on cigarette packs. No one collected the tobacco leaves in his home, and the money he sold was not enough for him to eat at school. His parents worked together with the help of relatives and friends. Next, I completed my studies with difficulty. After graduating, a technician from an engineering company became a vice president. He was forced to come out and start a business hard. His efforts paid off, and his company grew bigger and bigger.


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