As you live, remember to keep in touch with friends who really have deep feelings

When was the last time you and your most emotional friend were in contact?

Maybe, many people will shake their heads and say, they can’t remember.

In life, along this path, many people have gradually separated like this. It turns out that people who used to be so good friends, have such deep feelings, and so precious will also be inconsistent due to various factors in life.

I remember that when I first left school, I promised each other with my friends and classmates that I would never forget each other and would always keep in touch. However, as time goes by, we are all working hard to live, but we are getting more and more accustomed to not contacting those who are truly emotional friends.

When one day, the occasional contact, even the words became blunt, and the words and scruples at that time disappeared at this moment. In the past, every time I went home during the Chinese New Year, there would be a gathering of classmates. Everyone sat around the table and talked and laughed, which was especially warm. Now, I don’t seem to be keen on classmates anymore, and even the group is silent, as if lifeless. Everyone didn’t speak, and quietly looked at the names that were once familiar, and even the willingness to say hello was gone.

Can you understand that mood?

People who used to have such deep feelings are now unable to say hello to each other. They used to pat their chests and say friends for a lifetime, but now they disappear from your life.

Every time I turn on the phone and look through the address book, there is an inexplicable complex sentiment. There are hundreds of people stored in the phone number, but I don’t know who to call. Sometimes, if I want to find someone to chat, I have to think for a long time, and finally put down the phone silently, leaving a sigh.

Sometimes I think about it. Life is really like an address book. There are more and more people on it, but fewer and fewer people are in contact. If you also have such a mood, if you can’t let go of your once-loving friends, if you care about the true friendship, don’t just stay silent.

Don’t wait until one day when you run into an old friend, your meeting has become the scene of “At the Restaurant” written by Mr. Alfred. So, if you cherish it, don’t use not disturbing instead of talking. The most true friends must know how to cherish, and the best feelings must be in contact often.

During the Chinese New Year last year, I had a fellow student named Erbao, which I learned from photos sent by other students. At that time, I was thinking, after all, I was a classmate who was once so good, how I had to express my heart. So, I clicked on his avatar, only to find that there was nothing in the chat log. When I opened her circle of friends, all I saw was a cold horizontal line.

At that moment, my heart felt so uncomfortable, and I felt so emotional, it turned out that no matter how good the emotion is, it can’t stand the washing of time.

How many people have disappeared quietly in a person’s life?

I desperately recalled the time I experienced with her before. At that time, we had such a good relationship. We went to school together, played together, did homework together, went shopping and had snacks together, and even fell in love together. He liked the boy next door, and I missed it. The student in this class.

We once agreed to be good friends for life in this life, and when we get married in the future, we can be each other’s bridesmaids, but then the news of her marriage and childbirth, I also learned through mutual friends.

The British writer Johnson wrote: “People should always maintain friendship.” Really, no matter how deep the relationship is, if you don’t maintain it often and don’t connect, it will eventually become indifferent in time until it disappears. We always think that the relationship is very deep and will not wither over time; we always think that even if we part, we will meet again in the foreseeable future.

However, we have all overestimated the ability to maintain our relationship with each other. Many people and things cannot stand the test of time. If you don’t tell me, I am also silent. Every wave of goodbye at that time may be a farewell. No matter how good the relationship is, you don’t care about it, don’t care about it, don’t contact often, and the final ending will be gradually alienated over time.

True friendship is like health, and often only when it is lost will you realize its value.

Therefore, those who care, please take the initiative to contact; those who take the initiative to contact you, please cherish it. If people don’t contact each other for too long, no matter how good they are, the relationship is strange.

I have read a sentence that makes sense: to keep in touch is the voice of missing and the proof of caring. We keep meeting, separating, separating, and meeting people again and again, but not many people remain in our lives, so we really need to cherish those with deep feelings.

I still remember how I felt after I transferred to another school. When I went to another school, I soon found out that those classmates and partners with the best feelings became less and less common. Some were even after I left school. I haven’t seen it before, maybe I just said goodbye at that time, but it was gone forever.

Connect with friends who are close to each other more often, perhaps just a few words in a hurry, but this is to care for and value each other’s feelings, because each other cares.

There is no relationship, and you can go to the end with one-sided contribution. I hope that those who are still thinking about the other party can keep in touch with each other frequently, and cherish it while the feelings are still not weak.

Life is impermanence, we hope that in the long river of time, we will always be in each other’s hearts, let the mountains and rivers turn, you and I will not come here without problems.

For the rest of your life, please keep in touch with friends who really have deep feelings.


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