Aunt Said: You Can’t Find A Wife Who Has Two Daughters

Aunt Said You Can’t Find A Wife Who Has Two Daughters

My cousin found a girlfriend, but my aunt disagreed life and death. The cousin is anxious: You have never seen it, so you say you disagree, why?

Aunt plausibly: I don’t need to see, I told you a long time ago that people of two girls can’t ask for it, you have to find one like this. It’s not that girls are bad, people like this are difficult to deal with.

I couldn’t laugh or cry after hearing this: Aunt, why is there a theory like yours?

My aunt said: If you don’t listen to the old man’s words, you will suffer. There are countless things. Look around. How many good things do the two girls have?

I know she must be talking about my aunt. Aunt and aunt have always been at odds, but this cannot be attributed to the fact that she only has two daughters. Although my aunt used to toss the man when my two sisters got married, this doesn’t mean it’s all like this.

But my aunt insisted, and my cousin did not give in, and finally married his wife into the house. When we got married, it really didn’t go well. The wife’s family put forward all kinds of wonderful conditions, such as a car team to pick up relatives, red envelopes to send relatives, etc. The cousin can only bite the bullet and agree.

Fortunately, they didn’t live with their aunt after they got married, and they didn’t hear any contradiction.

It’s just that they got divorced within two years, and the two kept quarreling. I boiled down to the two children who had not grown up. My aunt said: The two daughters cannot marry! I laughed at her extreme, but there was also a shadow in my heart, so I told my son: It’s better not to find a family with only sisters. The son said: You are really boring!


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