Cherish What You Have At The Moment

Cherish What You Have At The Moment

I have been married to Fatty for four years, and our daughter is three years old.

To be honest, I don’t like this man with bald hair and a bloated figure. I don’t know why we got married. Maybe it was to register the child, maybe it was for multiple people to help raise the child, maybe it was to reassure parents. My reason tells me. I have to maintain this marriage because my children need fathers, and I need a marriage to comfort their parents. Xin Hao, he is a construction engineer.

He is away all year round and only goes home once a month. Hearing the sound of the key opening the door, I knew it was the fat man who came back. I felt a little reluctant. I still went to say hello to him. Why did you come back.

He smiled and said, the work is not busy these few days, come back and see you! As soon as he entered the door, his daughter Niuniu rushed into his arms, yelling: Big fat father, back. He hugged Niuniu, and asked Niuniu with his cheeks:

Do you want to be fat?

Then the father and the daughter were frolicking together. I was very annoyed when they were so tired and crooked together. It was obviously my child who grew up alone, but it seemed to be closer to him. When I was angry, I quarreled with him.

Why did you come back again when there was nothing wrong with you?

I didn’t tell you not to come back if nothing happened. I would call you if something happened. On rainy nights, the rain fell on the iron tiles downstairs and made a crackling sound. The sound of the quarrel in the room caused the voice-activated lights in the stairs to flicker. I don’t know this is the first time I quarreled with him. He saw that I was angry, so he made an excuse to go to the kitchen to cook. I suddenly felt bored and couldn’t even argue with him. He is so insensitive and dull. I don’t think we have any feelings. In the evening, I slept in a room with my child, and he slept in a room by himself.

When the child fell asleep, I was wondering whether to find a fat man to sleep with, thinking about falling asleep in a daze. Unknowingly I fell into a strange dream: I usually take care of my children, and I also run a bun shop. There are four employees in the bun shop. The one I know best is Sister Li. She told me on WeChat, Xiao Xu! do you know? A tea-house opened next door.

It will open today. I said it’s okay and it won’t affect our business. The business at the recent bun shop is also not good, and the cost is not much after a day. In the early spring morning, the sun was warm and the breeze was faint, so I took my daughter to the bun shop to collect the bill. My daughter saw a birdcage hanging under the eaves of the teahouse with a pair of small birds in it, chirping, she pointed with one finger, and the other hand pulled at the corner of my clothes, and said: Mom, look at the many birds Beautiful!

I walked over and wanted to take my daughter back to the steamed bun shop. At this time, a tall and handsome man came out from inside and said to me, you are the owner of the steamed bun shop next door! I said yes. He hurriedly said that the boss, since he is here, come in for a cup of tea. Before I could speak, my daughter sneaked into the teahouse. I quickly followed in. When you walk into the tea house, you can see that the decoration is simple and elegant, with exquisite porcelain on the mahogany shelves. There is a wooden tea table in the front hall. I saw a birdcage in the corner with a pair of birds, and my daughter was teasing there. We sat at a tea table, watching him skillfully wash and make tea.

Then he handed me a cup, and I raised my head to meet his peachy eyes, and my heart was swaying. He asked me, what is the last name of the boss? I said my last name is Xu. He said my name is Zhang Ming and how old is your daughter so cute. I took a sip of tea and said, I am three years old. He: “Why haven’t you seen your husband?” Me: “He works out of town.” He: “Why does your bun shop have such a good business.” I smiled and said, “You can get enough for one or two yuan. Your tea costs ten yuan for less. People here are more pragmatic.”

He smiled and said, “The boss is really funny.” I suddenly realized that I shouldn’t talk so much to strangers, so I just pretended that there was something at home. , Left hastily with her daughter. One morning a few days later, my mother-in-law called and said she missed her granddaughter, so I took the child to her hometown and asked her to take a few days. I didn’t worry about the store, so I came back, and it was already afternoon when I was finished. I went out of the store and saw the man standing under the eaves teasing the birds.

The old man was drawn by his shadow in the setting sun. When he saw me coming out, he greeted me, the lady boss is finished? I said yes, ready to go back. He said that after a day of tiredness, come in for a cup of tea. I did not know why I followed him into the store. Sit down and chat with him. I asked him, how did he think of opening a teahouse in the night market? He said that his father started a company. He used to work in his company. Because he was not accustomed to socializing in the company, he opened a restaurant and didn’t want to make money. He wanted to be free. “I really envy you, you can live a leisurely life like this. Unlike me, there is no one to help you.” “Does your husband not help you?” “My husband is equal to not.” He suddenly stood up Get up, stand behind me and press my shoulders. Feeling a little embarrassed, I stood up suddenly. He helped me sit down again, saying that women are for pain, not for work. I said that in this life, it would be nice to have someone hurt me. It’s like my husband who can’t see each other all day and can’t count on anything.

I looked at his slender hand and took my hand again and said, the first time I saw you, I thought you were a good woman, and it hurts to take a child alone. I suddenly felt as if I had found someone who could understand myself. Think about my hard work with children in the past few years, my mother-in-law’s various dislikes for me, and my husband’s incomprehension of me. Red eyes. Realizing that I was a little gaffe, I said it was late today and I had to go back. I would go to his shop for a few days in a row. The business in the restaurant was very deserted and there were not many customers. One day I went to the teahouse to drink tea as usual, and found that there was no one downstairs. At this time, he came down from the upstairs.

He seemed to be in a good mood. He held a box in his hand and said he would give you a present today! What gift am I asking? He said that you would know it by opening it. I took the box and opened it to see that it was a Perkin necklace. He walked over and said that I would take it for you, depending on the fit. Before I had time to refuse, he had brought it to me. He said to go upstairs. There is a mirror upstairs. I walked up the stairs with him and opened the door. It turned out that his room was upstairs, and it was cleaned up. I came to the mirror and looked at the necklace on my neck. I remembered that in the past few years of marriage with Fatty, he had never given me a decent gift. He took my hand and embraced me. Kissing me involuntarily, originally I was a little unwilling, but think about the ugly fat man who doesn’t understand me.

I finally compromised, just indulge myself once. After the passion, I snuggled in his arms, and he said he wanted to marry me, I thought how could it be possible, I still have a husband. My daughter is going to kindergarten, and my time has become more generous. I come here to drink tea when I have nothing to do, and we will spend the whole day together every time. After another storm, he told me about the teahouse, and I wanted to open another branch. I said the teahouse is so deserted, you still want to open a branch? He said the business was deserted, but he was very profitable. Those who buy tea are financially capable. And they bought good tea. I said, that’s good. He also said that he was currently undergoing renovations, and he lacked a little money for renovations. I asked him how much he lacked! He said there was a shortage of fifty thousand.

I think it’s not a big deal to lend him fifty thousand if I have a deposit. Just send him fifty thousand with a mobile phone. Later, he said he wanted to purchase the goods, and I successively passed them hundreds of thousands of them for purchase. In the days to come, I became more dependent on him, so I went to sit with him when I was fine. One day the fat man suddenly came to the steamed bun shop to look for me, and found that I was not there, so he asked Miss Li where the boss went? Sister Li whispered to him that the proprietress often went to the teahouse next door. He thought I was just going to drink tea, so he walked to the teahouse to find me, just in time to see us coming downstairs hand in hand. I was a little panicked when I saw the fat man. He turned and left without saying a word, not giving me a chance to explain.

When he got home, he angrily told me to divorce! I don’t think any man can stand his wife’s cheating, but I still agreed. After completing the formalities, the fat man stood at the top of the stairs of the Civil Affairs Bureau. He asked me if I had anything else to go home to take? I said no, if I still have my stuff, throw it away! I walked by the stairs beside him without turning my head back. I was afraid that I would already burst into tears when I turned around. Although I don’t love him, my heart still hurts after the divorce. I don’t think anyone in this world can stand my temper. Suddenly think of the fat man’s goodness.

He is a good father, a good son, and even a good husband. He not only has a good temper, but also cooks. As long as he is at home, I don’t need to cook or wash clothes. He has a stable and high-paying job, and he treats me very well. After the divorce, I went back to the teahouse to look for him. I didn’t see him downstairs, so I went to look for him on the second floor. I pushed the door and the door was locked. I heard a sound in the room. A man and a woman were playing an action movie. , I’m not sure if it is Zhang Ming. Waiting for him at the door, Zhang Ming and a woman came out half an hour later.

I angrily stepped forward and asked, who is this woman? Why are you hanging out with her? Did he say no just be in love? Just like eating, I love noodles and rice. I heard aggrieved and ran out, I divorced for this man, in his opinion I was just a meal. After a long time, I went to the teahouse to look for him, wanting to get back the money lent to him. Seeing the transfer revelation posted on the door, people have already gone to the building.

No one answered when I called him. I walked lonely on the street, feeling at a loss. Suddenly a car rushed towards me and was knocked into flight before I could react. I was so frightened that I suddenly sat up from the bed, sweating profusely. Seeing my daughter who was asleep next to me, I felt relieved. Hearing the fat man’s snoring from next door, I suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of security in my heart.

It turns out that all this is just a dream.


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