Child, Please Control Your Emotions

According to reports, on June 6, Xiao Yang, a sophomore boy from North China University in Shanxi, cheated in an exam. After the teacher found out, he confiscated his mobile phone and test papers. Xiaoyang cried in his seat for almost 20 minutes before leaving the examination room. Six minutes later, he sent two WeChat messages to his mother: “Mom, I’m sorry. Don’t miss me, I don’t deserve it.” Then he turned off his phone and jumped off the building to his death. Mom didn’t feel good, so she contacted him, but the phone could no longer be reached. She quickly called the class teacher again, and the other party replied that “the child is going to take the exam.” Half an hour later, the bad news came: something happened to the child.

I believe that a child who can be admitted to university is not bad, how can he kill his own life because of a small incident! After reading this news, people can’t help but sigh! A fresh life, a flowery age! A young man who has not had time to step into society… It would be great if he was not so excited, if he could think more about how good his parents, who raised him so hard, would be, and now he only leaves his parents with endless grief. And the sadness of a white-haired person sending a black-haired person… Therefore, only by controlling your emotions can you achieve a better life! Child, please control your emotions!

Some time ago, there was a news item on Weibo’s hot search. Xiaoli, who was born in 1986, has been dating her boyfriend from 1995 for more than a year, and she has no formal job. She rents a room on the 40th floor of a building in Hangzhou. At more than two o’clock in the morning that evening, her boyfriend came back from outside. Xiaoli needs to look at his mobile phone because she suspects that her boyfriend has a woman outside. As a result, the man refused, and the two had a dispute. Xiaoli who was not too angry rushed into the kitchen and threw a kitchen knife at her boyfriend. As soon as the boyfriend hid, the kitchen knife fell straight from the window. It hit a Land Rover Range Rover parked downstairs.

This Range Rover is an extended version with a market price of close to 2 million. For the maintenance order given by the 4S shop, the vehicle maintenance cost about 130,000 yuan. Currently, Xiaoli is under criminal detention on suspicion of endangering public safety by dangerous means. After reading this news, I really had a cold sweat. On the 40th floor, it was still a kitchen knife, and it directly smashed the car out of a big hole. You can imagine how terrible it is. Netizens said: Fortunately, it was not a person who hit it. If you are a human, you must die. Then it’s not 13 panacea. But even if it was the car that hit, Xiaoli is currently waiting for work at home in this situation, and the money is probably a heavy burden. Just in time for the sentence: In the adult world, whatever emotions have life! Everyone is anxious to get angry, but the more emotional you are, the more explosive the things you do. Getting angry is not a skill. It is a skill to not do anything unusual at a critical moment. It can be seen how important it is to control your emotions!

Unfortunately, many people do not have the ability to manage emotions in real life. Assuming that a 30-point conflict is calculated by the score, it can be enlarged to 90 points. An emotion of 90 points is enough to swallow his mind and ruin everything about him and everyone else. Last year, a family tragedy occurred in Lujiang, Anhui. On the evening of April 13, the husband finished socializing and went home. Before returning home, he promised his wife that he would buy chicken drumsticks for her to eat. But when he got busy, he still forgot. As a result, the wife who did not see the drumsticks was instantly angry. First blamed the husband, and then started, finally, actually holding the fruit knife bucket to the husband! The tragedy happened in an instant, and the husband died unfortunately.

You may think that this husband must have a lot of problems, so he drives his wife crazy. Then you are wrong. The relatives and neighbors of the deceased said: He spoiled his wife too much! Give what you want. His wife slapped him, he didn’t even dare to move. Properly a “wife control strict.” In other words, there are actually people in this world, just because a chicken leg killed someone, and it was not someone else who killed him, but he still loved his husband! The poor emotional control ability is also eye-opening. The uncontrollable impulse eventually led to the price of blood-because of her anger, the child instantly lost his father, the elderly parents faced the grief of losing their children in old age, and the grief of white-haired people sending black-haired people. And she herself was completely ruined and spent the rest of her life in prison.

Impulse is the devil, and it is the pain that our lives cannot bear. Control your emotions to control your life! I have heard other people talk about such a thing, a little boy was especially naughty. When I feel wronged, I like to throw stones at other children, and even smash the glass of nearby people several times. People in the neighborhood said that this kid will definitely be a gangster when he grows up. His father was very worried. In order to restrain him, he made him drive a nail in the wooden door every time he lost his temper. He ordered more than 20 on the first day. Later his father told the little boy: When you can control your temper, pull out a nail. Slowly, the little boy nailed fewer and fewer nails, and pulled more and more nails. Finally one day, he pulled out all the nails. In fact, what people say when they are angry is like nails, even if they are pulled out later, they will leave scars in their hearts. If there are too many nails, our lives will be scarred.

Most of the bad things in life are not the result of our deliberate deliberations, but are often mistakes made after we lose control of our emotions for a while. Some people usually act honestly, even politely, but when emotions come together, they turn into flames. Over time, the people around you will stay away. Therefore, the power of emotions really cannot be ignored. Small, may affect the atmosphere of a family; large, may change a person’s destiny.

The best-selling book “How to Control Your Emotions: 22 Effective Emotion Management Laws” states: A person with a good mood must also be a well-connected, happy, and accomplished person. If you indulge or feed bad emotions, the end result is hurting yourself, hurting others, hurting your heart, and hurting your body. Emotions are like a flood, and if you control it, you can benefit one party. If you don’t control it well, you can only let it burst its banks and cause harm to others and yourself. And a truly powerful person must be a person who can control his emotions, and he must also be a person with a kind heart to the world.

Your emotions are your master. In real life, we cannot control our own experiences, but we can control our emotions. We cannot change others, but we can change ourselves. In fact, there is not much difference between people. The real difference lies in the ability to control emotions.

Children, you are now elementary school students. The teacher hopes that you will become a man upright in society in the future. To do this, you must manage your own life and your temper! The teacher hopes that when you are not as upset as the girl, when your temper comes up, throw out a knife without considering the consequences, but calm down, think about whether you are wrong, and then decide what you should do next.


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