Counting The Fleeting Years; There Is A Kind Of Happiness Called Going Home

Counting The Fleeting Years; There Is A Kind Of Happiness Called Going Home

There is a kind of happiness called going home

The deepest imprint left on me on the New Year’s Eve that year was the loud crackling of firecrackers. At eleven o’clock in the morning, Max was carrying a big bag full of New Year goods. I held my three-month-old baby, clicked and locked the door of our little house, and went back to my hometown for the New Year!

When I walked out of the street and prepared to stop a taxi to the station, the fire was already raging around! “Flashing Thunder” and “Earth Red” echoed each other, and the loud and crisp sound was deafening! I hugged the child tightly to my chest, fearing that the earth-shaking sound would shook his cry, but I opened the corner and took a peek, ho, the little guy’s black eyes were anxiously trying to see the noise outside the world.

That year was the first time we “go home for the New Year” when we first arrived in Anshan. Since then, “going home for the New Year” has become an indispensable landscape in our lives. Fortunately, my natal mother-in-law’s family belonged to the same area, and our husband and wife had no disputes, and we lived happily for a few days.

The red brazier made the room warm, and the aroma of meat, coriander, and fruit filled the room. The brothers and sisters got together, chatting about the harvest in their homes for a year, planning new plans for the coming year, talking about the body of the elderly and chatting about the children’s studies. Satiated with wine and rice, branding the back, it feels so comfortable and beautiful.

Year after year, the uneven rural dirt road has become an asphalt road. It stretches flat in front of the house. The little child in his arms has grown into a strong youth of 1.83 meters.

During the winter vacation, my son from the south who was studying in the south returned home and ate the home-cooked food made by my mother and I blurted out three words: “True happiness!” .

This year is the 22nd year of reunion since our family of three returned to our hometown. Everything is slowly changing. The landscapes, roads, buildings, and the appearance of people do not change, but the feelings of the relatives, the look of the mother’s expectation, the smile of satisfaction.

Far away, there are still people looking forward to your home. This is happiness.


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