Cousin looking for boyfriend

The cousin is 35 years old this year, single, and her family is not very good.

She talked to a boyfriend when she was in graduate school. The two parties met with their parents after talking for nearly two years, and they both rushed to get married.

The man’s family conditions are pretty good, and his character is very much recognized by his aunt. After graduating from graduate school, the boy became a counselor in a college with a monthly salary of 5000, a provident fund of 3000, and a bonus of 30,000 to 40,000 at the end of the year. His parents bought a small three-bedroom house in the city where he works (first-tier cities), paid a down payment, and his monthly payment is 3,500 per month. The cousin went to a hospital as an accountant.

Cousin looking for boyfriend

At work, they also lived together naturally. Once my aunt went to see my cousin and told the boys that for your future life, you would save 1,000 for your cousin every month. But the boy didn’t give it in the end, because he was basically a moonlight clan every month. My aunt and cousin gradually became dissatisfied. They felt that boys and his family were too picky, and boys were still under the pressure of repaying loans, and they became more and more picky. Many of them were cousins ​​for daily necessities and out-of-home consumption such as eating, watching movies and traveling. In spending, but he didn’t think it was wrong.

The cousin couldn’t take him for granted. The two began arguing about the money. The cousin asked to break up and moved out soon. It is said that the boys have been retained many times to no avail. After the breakup, my aunt asked us relatives to help us introduce. My unit is pretty good. I happen to have a young guy who is very handsome and cheerful. The disadvantage is that he is tall and short, only 1.65 meters. Family background is also okay, with a house and a car. After I introduced the two of them to each other, I let them get along and develop on their own. The man likes his cousin very much and often invites his cousin out.

Just when we all thought things were going for the better, a month later, my cousin announced that she was single in the circle of friends. She is currently traveling in Shangri-La and is very happy. I quickly asked her what happened. She said she broke up. Asking the reason, she said two things. People are too picky, and they didn’t bring gifts or flowers when they met. Besides, the image is not very good, the height is bad, but the overall clothes are not good, long white T With a shirt and trousers, the whole person is like a ball. And he kept talking about marriage, which scared her. When I heard this, I didn’t know what to do.

When I went back to the work and saw the guy, I couldn’t help but comfort him. The guy was very depressed, even a little choked, saying that he has always had a bad relationship with the opposite sex. He is a bit straight and he is not very fond of girls because he is not young (31 years old) and he is a little anxious about getting married. Later, I talked to my aunt about this matter, and my aunt also echoed my cousin’s opinion, and blamed me. I want to introduce something to you! I was depressed for a while, and then stopped caring about my cousin’s marriage. Later, the cousin still failed to find her ideal boyfriend, and has continued to this day.

She is also very anxious at the moment, but when she really knows a new man, her problems come up again. It is either that she is not long enough, or her personality is not good, or the family conditions are not good… However, someone like her cousin also has some advantages. First of all, she doesn’t look for a spare tire, and she stops immediately when she feels that it is not possible. It is not harmful, and is typically single based on strength. Therefore, I still don’t feel disgusted with her.


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