Did He Really Look For A Young Lady?

Did He Really Look For A Young Lady?

In life, maybe I am not a person with a cleanliness addiction, but physically, I am a person with a serious cleanliness addiction.

Knowing that her husband had been engaged before marriage, he implicitly asked him if he had ever slept with each other, and he firmly said no. Because at that time his girlfriend came back from a week off from work in another city, she went back to work two days after the engagement.

I have always believed in him. He is also the one I decided to get married after only one date.

But now we have been married for eleven years. I was playing with his mobile phone yesterday afternoon and I was very angry when I heard that he was in several of his chat groups the day before yesterday, and I was very angry.

When they chat together, they will talk about things that are unbearable to our girls.

That size even said publicly in the group that my husband had been to the famous “Caiyuan Street” in the city before marriage, where men find women, and everyone here knows what kind of place it is.

He said that he had nose and eyes, and said that he went there without returning home from the car once, and found a young lady. After playing, because he was given ten dollars less, they just refused to let him go. It was embarrassing. In the end, it was his buddy who paid enough money before letting him out.

Because what he said was so realistic, I thought about it and the credibility was still very high, and I immediately became angry and held my breath all afternoon.

When he came back in the evening, he saw my unhappiness and asked me what was wrong, so I threw the phone to him, and the page stayed in the chat history of their group.

“Listen to what you posted about the novel, you really went out to prostitute before, didn’t you?” When I said this, tears flowed out of my control.

He picked up the phone and listened to the few words: “Is he talking about it for fun? Didn’t you see them say that on purpose in the group?”

“Will the person who is talking about it be so specific? The story will be so realistic! He also said that you came out in less than ten minutes, so accurate, how does he know that your time is so short?”

“He’s just talking nonsense, okay? You believe my wife, and you cried. I won’t do anything I’m sorry to you, trust your husband.”

“If you don’t believe me, I will call ✘✘ now and ask him to come over and tell you in person, and see if some of them are joking at that time.” Seeing that I didn’t say a word, he continued.

I still ignore him, but I want to see if he will really fight or just act in front of me.

He really passed, but the other party didn’t answer it, and he didn’t continue to fight, and sat down to comfort me.

“My wife, don’t be angry. I really don’t. Look at him and said that I went to find it yesterday! I’ll show you our chat history, and you can turn it up again. Yesterday we were together and went to the city. Do something, you see, I will send out the address at that time, just eat here, you look at the time, we will be back after the meal.”

I saw what he told me one by one, and it was true. Yesterday the size said that my husband went to look for it again. He was indeed in the city at that point. At that time, he posted a video and an address.

“Fortunately, there are these evidences, or you should suspect me again.”

“I am suspicious. This is just to prove that he said that you went to prostitute yesterday is a fake. What about the time before you married? If it is a fake, do you have a nose and eyes? He also said that it was because you did not give enough money. People won’t let you go, and others will help you in vain. Who are you disgusting? Before marrying you. Did I ask you if you had sex with someone? You told me no! I agreed to talk to you Married, you are lying to me!” I almost finished saying this in tears.

“No, really not. I swear that my first time was with you. They just like to make jokes. Didn’t you hear that he was making fun of me on purpose.”

“Don’t cry, your husband won’t betray you, so put a hundred and twenty hearts! Okay?”

According to my understanding of my husband over the past ten years, even if he really goes out for prostitution, he will not say that he will give others ten dollars less, it is a big mess, he is a face-saving person.

He likes to say that when he is young. I also knew before, and he played with other women with other people before marriage, which caused them to become pregnant, and their mother asked them one by one for money to abort.

This is what my husband told me a long time ago.

I asked him at that time: “Are you among those few people? You dare not say anything in front of me.”

“I’m not there! They often played together at that time.”

“Maybe a few of them also said in front of their wives, and they all left themselves very clean.”

“Well! Not really.”

At that time I chose to believe him.

She also said that when we chatted with his young wife, she said that she knew that her husband had not been with him for the first time, and had brought her ex-girlfriend to live at home before. She didn’t mind.

Closer to home, thinking of this, I temporarily believed what my husband said, and believed that he had never found a young lady before marriage.

As soon as he coaxed me, he came back when he made a small phone call, saying that he hadn’t heard anything just now, and asked what was wrong with the call.

My husband looked at me and said it was all right, and he hung up after a few polite words.

However, this incident buried a thorn in my heart, and I still had doubts in my heart. Maybe I dare not face the answer! So I don’t want to pursue it anymore, but every time I think about it, there are lumps in my heart.

Husband, he wanted to make a phone call to prove his innocence face-to-face, but even if he found it then, in front of me, he would hide it for him! How can I understand the truth?

I really want to know if my husband has ever done something like that with others before marriage, but on the one hand, I am really afraid of getting a certain result.

Hey, I’m really troubled! Am I going to pursue it? If it were you, what would you do? Anyone you see can give me an opinion? Thanks.


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