Experience In Making Vibrato

Experience In Making Vibrato

My Douyin Tuba has accumulated 20,000 fans and is growing steadily. At the same time, I also opened a trumpet, ready to go in another direction.
I thought I could do it quickly with the experience of a large size, but reality gave me a slap in the face. It has been almost two months, and my fans have not broken thousands.

The earliest positioning of the trumpet is everything related to “fragrance”, including perfume fragrance and so on.
I have done a lot of content, the story behind the perfume, the scene, the video quality should be said to be good, but the data is very bad.
Because of the short video field, there are too many factors that have become popular, one of which is not to be complacent.
I think my content is good, but I think the audience doesn’t think so.
First of all, the title is not attractive enough. Douyin users watch hundreds of videos every day. Why should they stay with you? The title party, which gives seduction, curiosity, sense of gain, or is very explosive, is the key to stand out. In contrast, my title is mediocre, just a simple narrative.
“Do I need to give gifts when chasing girls?” “Have you ever eaten king crab?” “How to buy Pu’er tea?” Are these titles a common format for many novices?
What is the title of someone else? “How to make your video high-definition”, “The local way of live broadcast will increase 80,000 fans in five days”, “Potato does this without changing the meat.”
After reading these titles, many people will definitely be interested in reading.

Secondly, when the user watches a video, the screen may stay for 0.8 seconds before deciding whether to continue watching.
We must know that the patience and threshold of users are constantly increasing, so many creators are changing tricks to please, the beginning of all kinds of cool sand sculptures.
As a creator of knowledge oral broadcasts, most of the time, the first paragraph is directly presented by a real person, simple narrative, and the content setting often has more funny stalks and information in the middle and later stages.
But the user couldn’t wait, and the first second was wiped away.
Therefore, at the beginning of the short video, it must be exploded. When you talk about celebrities, write down their pictures and the most controversial topics.
Unlike the graphic era, the beginning peak of a short video is best to occupy the largest space, that is, the most attractive part.
When users arouse interest, the content among you is dull and will not affect too much.
Then set some small climaxes in the middle of the video, and then design the final climax at the end.
What is good content is good content that users can read.

The third point is whether it should be vertical.
Many people do Tik Tok without a specific direction, and they often don’t make any shots.
And occasionally popular videos can hardly retain users.
Therefore, many institutions and teachers will suggest that you do vertical content. But there is also a pit, false vertical.
For example, if you are a wine service provider, you can make wine-related content to reach users who are interested in wine. This has been verified by the market.
But if you sell salt, who would be interested in the topic of salt? The system doesn’t know how to recommend it to you.
My choice of “fragrance” is actually a fake vertical field, because there are very few similar bloggers, most of which have a fan number of about 100,000, indicating that the base is very small, and most people who are interested in perfume and fragrance are more beautiful Fans in the makeup field, they recommend products.
In the field of professional perfume and fragrance, the audience is too narrow, so the system will naturally give fewer recommendations.

Also, what is the most important thing about the amount of broadcast?
Maybe you’ve heard the term end rate. For novices, end rate is very important. Many people would suggest 7-second break and so on.
In addition to the completion rate, there are also KPIs such as the number of likes, the number of comments, and the number of reposts.
The performance of these data determines whether your video can enter the next traffic pool, and there is a possibility of fire.
The ending rate is the easiest to achieve, and it’s shorter, so you can finish watching it without paying attention.
Like, you need your content to be better for users to recognize.
Comments, it must be that your content is very good, or users have objections, and other psychology. Attracting comments needs to be carefully designed and
forwarded in the video. It is the most weighted. Think about your psychology of reposting a video?
Maybe it is very funny and terrifying, forward it to a friend. Maybe the amount of information is sufficient. Not only do you gain knowledge by forwarding it, but you can also appear to be quite good with different levels.
My video currently only has a few likes, and the other parts are very poor, that is, the content is not well designed.

Doing vibrato is not easy, it’s like a practice, constantly tempering yourself.
Other Tik Tok experience will be shared later.


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