Faced With Reality, Are You Still Choosing To Wait?

I am an extremely impatient person and don’t like waiting very much. However, in reality, I am always waiting. You have to line up for dinner, wait for your teammates to play, and wait for guests to do business. A lot of time is spent waiting.

People will be immersed in past successful experiences and will not easily make changes; they will also be afraid of unknown risks and refuse to change. But in today’s changing world, how many people or things will not change? Whether it is work or life, the past human sophistication, opportunities and difficulties, will remain unchanged until now and tomorrow? Most people will not change, a very small number of people have made changes first, and then have been waiting for the majority of people to change, or hope that they will change, but they remain unchanged; but a few people will change. The way of survival does not need to be taught by others.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, many of our inherent thoughts, concepts, lifestyles, work scenes, living habits, communication patterns, etc., have all been completely changed, and no one is immune from being changed. Once insisted on stubborn opinion, but also actively gave up, such as offline parties, the risk has increased dramatically. There are also staying up late and working overtime, the worse the health is; after all, the last thing you fight for is your individual immunity, whether you are a civilian or a prime minister, whether you are poor or rich.

We also have a lot of thoughts that we once dismissed, but they were suddenly strengthened; for example, health preservation, health care, fear of death, now not only can we face it, we are also doing it personally. After all, these are all living for ourselves and living better. Health is better. Everyone is changing, active or passive. The cruel environment of reality educates everyone not to be greedy once and for all, not to stick to the rules, and not to wait for nothing. Many people are still waiting for the epidemic to be over before they can find a normal life, work status and rhythm. How powerful is waiting, and how long should you wait? If this new crown epidemic continues for a long time, and the current global epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic development is moving towards a state of long-term struggle, no one can give a date when the epidemic is completely overcome; no one has the ability, nor does it Which country dares to bear such a responsibility, the responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai.

Of course, individuals or families with a solid foundation and sufficient food can extend the waiting period, but most people struggle for life and work and choose not to wait any longer. Unemployment, bankruptcy, and layoffs are countless, but life still has to go on, and work still has to be chosen. If you can’t work offline, you’ll switch online. If your industry is frustrated, you’ll have to switch careers. If you don’t have white-collar workers, you will deliver express delivery. There is no distinction between high and low work, especially now.

At any time, we must maintain the ability to continuously learn, increase our academic qualifications, or make up for what we lack in work or profession. To learn new skills and unlock new skills, there are many ways out without pressing your body, especially in the darkest moments. We must also look for opportunities in the market environment and crisis. In the current market economy, we must learn more social experience and work skills, and actively create value instead of passive consumption. What are the three paths for personal upward development? -Short book

Everyone is a sales person, showing their professional skills or corresponding professional services. If you don’t do it, the customer will be there, someone will do it, people and society will move forward together, and the individual will not advance or retreat. After all, an active life has more autonomy, learning and fighting, mastering methods and methods, and becoming a technician or professional. In the process of creating market value, I believe that I can improve my ability and wisdom. Now I have one more thing, the ability to resist risks and find opportunities in a crisis, and to achieve my life goals.

When things are difficult, you can go as far as you can survive the darkest moments. Tossing in reality, struggling in the dark, and surviving in the abyss, is to find hope and light. Let’s encourage together and keep on.


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