I Am Very Greedy For Ice Cream; Tells About Ice Cream

The weather is hot, and suddenly I am very greedy for ice cream.

When it comes to ice cream, I have to tell the story of my son.

When my son was young, like all the children, he liked ice cream, the kind that didn’t have enough. Because I feel that eating too much ice is not good for the stomach, so I control him strictly. In order to control him to eat less, I also racked my brains with little success. I remember that when my son was more than two years old, he lived at my grandma’s house. After dinner, my son and grandma would play and disappear, every day.

I felt tedious, searching all over the street, and found that the two of my mothers were sitting on the roadside steps, eating a bowl of ice cream each, enjoying themselves. Why hide out and eat? Isn’t it because I control it! It can be seen how unpopular moms who restrict eating ice cream are. Later, when my son grew up, he loved ice cream, and he did not change at all.

Once, a friend sent me an article about exposing a well-known company, and spot checks found that ice cream was unqualified, E. coli was seriously exceeded, and the production process was not standardized. The scene was shocking. I calmly put this article on the computer desktop. Not surprisingly, my son found this article and he must have read it carefully. He remained calm, but later I discovered that my son never eats ice cream anymore. Up. That year was the summer vacation when his son graduated from elementary school.

This year, for six full years, his son has not eaten ice cream. Sometimes the weather is hot, I also advise him to eat one! We eat big brands, no problem, my son always refuses. What a self-disciplined child! What a courage he was to refuse the temptation of ice cream for the sake of his health! I really admire this kid. In order to cooperate with my son, I will not eat ice cream anymore.

Summer is coming. Whenever the weather is hot and the mood is irritable, I really want to have an ice cream, clear and refreshing, so cool! However, I also have lingering fears about commercially available ice cream. When I am greedy, I use my will to defeat it.

A few days ago, after enjoying emmy’s hand-painted article, I saw Jane’s homemade ice cream, and I finally opened it up: I can’t rest assured of eating ice cream on the market, I can do it myself. This will solve the problem. Are you worrying about the problem? So, I reviewed emmy’s article, checked his mobile phone, consulted Du Niang, combined the two aspects, and found the easiest and easy recipe, a debut novel, and a small knife. If my son likes to eat, I will continue to improve my skills. My untrustworthy mother can’t make what my son loves! Now, the ice cream has been frozen in the refrigerator, looking forward to a good taste.


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