I finally married someone I didn’t like

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My name is Alfred and I am 29 years old. Tomorrow is August 24th, and my future mother-in-law will find a fortune teller to help us calculate the auspicious day. Tomorrow I will get married and marry a man I don’t like!

I was born in 1991 and I am 29 years old this year. My parents’ urging of marriage has become commonplace. I often think that you are not allowed to fall in love when you are studying, and you can’t eat even after work and often busy meals. The opposite sex you meet is either married or has a girlfriend. Is marriage a state grant? I was clamoring, but I knew in my heart that 29 is not just a number. It not only represents older leftover women, but also represents the aging of the body. There are more wrinkles, and skin care products may also be eaten. So my heart is becoming more and more unable to calm down, and I don’t know how to choose. If you don’t know, then follow the trajectory of life itself, blind date, get married, raise children, and finally die. Think about it, life is really boring!

My blind date is not tall, handsome, or decent. The height of 170cm, um, is a bit far from the ideal height in my mind; the appearance is normal, a bit darker, and not so handsome; the fitness trainer may exercise often and looks stronger. It seems that everything is pretty good, at least in good health and sound limbs!

I looked at the wedding dress in the closet. The style was simple and white as snow. It was not ugly, but it was not the style that I would never forget. There is no joy of getting married in my heart, as if there is a slight sadness, is it disappointment? Still desperate?

Thinking of the first meeting with him, he brought cigarettes and alcohol to my home accompanied by his cousin, and his behavior was not restrained. I warmly received with a smile on my face, but my heart was as calm as water. I was not moved. After dinner, he took me to Zhongbai. We bought some snacks, talked briefly and we separated. I think he should have the same idea. Marriage is just to live together. It doesn’t matter who the other party is. As long as you don’t dislike marriage, it’s okay. Otherwise, he won’t buy me the same snacks every time, regardless of taste. Don’t ask if you like it.

When I was young, I was too harsh on life and myself. Don’t allow yourself to be aggrieved at all, often tit-for-tat, and speak fiercely. I also think that my future husband will be a little taller, a little handsome, and a little achievement in his career. Be gentle, considerate, and humorous. If you are not greedy, at least treat yourself a little better, have a stable job, and have enough income to support our future small family, and occasionally be romantic. Well, just thinking about it makes me happy!

Now, I don’t like Facebook and I don’t like to watch Moments, because I am afraid that I will be envious, and let my calm heart make useless waves. Maybe life taught me to grow numb and indifferent. Love is nothing but a luxury for me. Getting married at such a rapidly aging age is what life should be like. Even if he is not the Prince Charming in his mind, he can’t wait for the arrival of Prince Charming.


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