I have to read these 4 books all night

There are a few books that I have always liked.

I have collected and sorted out some of the books I have read. I strongly recommend these 4 books to you. I promise you that you are calm before reading the book. When you read the book, your heart is fluctuating. After reading it, you have mixed feelings. of.

The most important, the most important, and the most important thing is (say the important things three times). These books are all simple and easy to understand novels, and you will enter the state when you look at them.

1. “You shall fly to your mountain like a bird”

This is the autobiography of Tara Westfer, and it is also a debut work. It was on the “New York Times” best-selling list in the first week of listing, and it still ranks among the Top 1 today;

With sales of over one million copies in the United States, he was named “Influential Person of the Year” by Time Magazine, and the book was also recommended by Bill Gates.

It mainly tells about a Dashan girl (author) who had never gone to school before the age of 17. She was surrounded by scrap copper and iron. There was no reading, only the roar of cranes. She didn’t go to school or see a doctor. It was her father who asked them to Persist in loyalty and truth.

Because of dissatisfaction with his father, family, and yearning for future life, he passed self-study to Brigham Young University, Cambridge University, and finally entered Harvard University for advanced studies, and then published this amazing book.

Education gave her a new perspective on her family and the world, and re-examined her father’s mental illness, mother’s cowardice, and her brother’s violence against her.

Between her lines, you can feel the author’s painful struggle. She explores herself step by step, and finally reconciles with herself: you will fly to your mountain like a bird.

Share a sentence that I like very much: Books are not trifling, and I am not weak.

This is a super mind-blowing book. If you have any prejudice against education, confusion and pain about college, and you who are constantly pursuing your dreams, I strongly recommend you to read this book, it may give you what you want answer.

Even if you are sad and sad, believing in him can give you the strength to move forward.

2. “Alive”

This is a book I read in high school. Although I didn’t read many books at that time, I still gave it the first tear when I read it.

“To be alive” is a representative work of writer Yu Hua’s classic novels. It mainly tells about the social changes such as the civil war, the Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution in the context of the times. Xu Fugui’s life and family continued to endure hardships. In the end, all his relatives left him. , There is only the story of the old man and an old cow relying on each other.

It’s not difficult to find out from the book that “alive”

Watching “Living”, you can see the misery of life, the optimism and strength of the people at the bottom; you can also see the flexibility of life, and the calm power of destiny and time.

It also allows you to understand: life belongs to everyone’s own feelings, not to anyone else’s views.

3. “The Kite Chaser”

This is a book I read in Shenzhen after the college entrance examination. In the hot summer, I was reading it alone on the balcony while holding it in my hand. I cried silently (yes, this is the only first time I read the book. Second tears), good books can’t be controlled! This book shocks your mind to what you don’t want, and I strongly recommend you to read it.

This book was written by Khaled Husseini, who “aspires to wipe the dust from the faces of ordinary people in Afghanistan, and to show the throbbing of the soul behind them to the world.” ” The Kite Chaser” is also his classic masterpiece. .

Amir, the rich young master of Afghanistan, has brotherhood with his servant Hassan. After a kite game, Hassan was bullied and dared not stand up. He felt self-blame and painful for his cowardice and forced Hassan away. Soon, he followed. The father fled to the United States.

After adulthood, Amir could not forgive his betrayal of Hassan. In order to redeem his sins and help Hassan rescue his children, Amir once again set foot on his hometown more than 20 years ago.

I hope I can do my last bit of effort for my unfortunate friend, but I find a shocking lie.

It turns out that Hassan’s father was not able to give birth, and Hassan was his half-brother, and the child who was sold was his nephew.

This story is so cruel and beautiful. The author outlines the “essence of human nature” and ” salvation” with warm and delicate brushwork . Suddenly the style of painting has changed and it is heart-stirring to read. This is also the joy of reading a novel! There will always be unexpected surprises.

The author in the book always conveys such a feeling : “Some people or things, once missed, may last a lifetime. And exclaimed: “Memory” is a kind of blessing, protecting everything you cherish; or a curse, Let you continue to reproduce the most painful moments of life, the hardships, struggles and sorrows you have experienced.

If you also like the collision of the mind, you can watch “The Kite Chaser”.

4. “The Shadow Stealer”

When I opened “The Shadow Stealer” that night, my emotions were quickly brought in by his storyline, which was just after three in the morning.

Although this book is not as highly rated as the previous one, it is powerful enough to shake your soul.

The author of the book is Marc Levy, who is also his tenth work. It was first printed in France as high as 450,000 copies, ranking the overall champion of the annual sales rankings. Therefore, the French media said: “Sales are better than shadows.” It disappears fast!

The book mainly tells the story of a little boy being bullied. He can only complain to the shadow and help others with the help of the shadow.

Due to the divorce of his parents, he gradually became timid and fearful. He was always bullied by others in school. In order to take care of his mother’s emotions, he was unwilling to communicate his thoughts with his mother, so he could only complain to his shadow.

In this way, he has developed a special and powerful ability, able to “steal the shadows of others” to talk to them, feel the minds of others, and hear secrets that people do not want to say.

At the request of the shadow friend, the little boy began to become the spiritual partner of those in need, finding the light that illuminates the life of the shadow owner for each stolen shadow.

I think that every person who is sensitive to low self-esteem has a hurdle in his heart that we can hardly overcome. Sometimes it is because we don’t want to trouble others, and sometimes we are alone and seem incompatible with the group.

Before this, it was just because we did not find the right way, and the little boy used the power of shadow to slowly heal childhood injuries. If you are also an introverted and sensitive person, don’t miss it.

Finally, share a sentence from the book.

You stole my shadow, no matter where you are, I will always think of you.

Well, I will share these four books today. Not many. I hope that besides the spark of love, these four books can bring you a spiritual collision.

Finally, I hope that today’s sharing will give you an unexpected surprise. If you think it’s okay,



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