I Still Regard Him As ex, “Hey, How Is Your Ex?”

Did He Really Look For A Young Lady?

“She used to be very sincere and innocently loved me.”

“Then later, why did it happen?”

“I left her for a while, when I suddenly remembered her

I turned around and found that she had grown up. “

The above paragraph is a hot review of NetEase Cloud that I like very much. I have to admit that LA is really a good place . There seems to be no distinction between good and evil. Here, as far as the eyes are concerned, the comments are all infatuation. Children~

Of course, I am not saying that I am an infatuated person. On the contrary, to a certain extent, I am a very infatuated person. It may be that my favorites these years are too cheap , so I forgot to have a few of my predecessors~

It’s too easy to like someone. She raises her eyebrows at you a little bit, and if she gets close to you a little bit, you will arrogantly mistakenly think that she likes you~

But likes are really fragile , we need to take care of this like carefully, for fear that one day it is broken or lost, won’t it have to start all over again?

But many people tend to lose this like very easily, so they move forward, backward, forward, and backward on the road of love again and again. To put it another way, it means to stay in place~

Every time I go home from a holiday, my friends will gather a bunch of riverside drinks. The biggest topic of the wine bureau is not study, not work, but gossip about men and women.

In fact, think about it, alcohol is easy to make people head-conscious, and the same is true for love. I don’t like this kind of wine bureau very much, because every time I hear the sound of opening the bottle cap and the sound of bursting beer pouring into the glass, I know that the center of the conversation of these guys must be pointing to me~

No way, many people in this room have been single for more than 20 years, so I changed my time~

When the alcohol stuns the head, sometimes I feel that the moment is the most real. At least, many things will leave you . Whether it’s a pledge or a short love, the person in front of you and the moon in the sky are left in the end. ~

Every time I drink, my friends always ask me a stupid question: “Did you not like that person very much? Why didn’t you chase her back?”

Actually, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I just can’t. In some ways, I think I’m a very affectionate person. Some things are over or over, and there is no point in persisting~

In the Westward Journey, Sun Wukong said: “I can’t save her without wearing a golden hoop, and I can’t love her with a golden hoop. Ten thousand years are too long to fight day and night, and all the way to find nothing immortal. We finally understand that we were one step away Once a person in the distance is missed, even if he becomes a peerless hero, dressed in a golden armor, and leaps eight thousand miles on the colorful clouds, he may not be able to catch him back.”

So live in the moment~ Memories are so annoying~

National Day is here again, I hope this year’s National Day wine will not be too bitter~


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