In The Adult World, Don’t Post It Casually In Moments!

In The Adult World, Don’t Post It Casually In Moments!

Moments of friends, some are used to show off their wealth, some are used to show affection, some are used to complain, some are used to do business, and some are used to find a sense of existence; in fact, smart people have long known that the so-called Moments of Friends are definitely not Your private realm is a big river and lake, which hides all kinds of people, full of invisible life in the river and lake. The dots and dots in the circle of friends are often the reaction of a person’s true temperament, and they are also formed inadvertently. It is a place that reflects a person’s character.

Therefore, not just posting in Moments is a sign of maturity.

Don’t post things that show off often. Some people show off their money in the circle of friends, show off their travel, show off their car, show off their house, show off that they have married a good man, and married a good wife; in fact, you show off what you have in the circle of friends It’s just that you care very much. Maybe it’s nothing rare in the eyes of others. Moreover, there are always some people who can’t understand the superiority of others, and they may not laugh at your superficiality secretly.

The more a person likes to show off something to others, it means that he lacks something in his heart, because those who don’t lack will regard these as natural things, and they are accustomed to it. Only those who have the effort will pay more attention to it. , Will show off everywhere, and this kind of show off is exposing their inner lack, which is ridiculous, and also very cheap. In this world, there are many people who don’t see other people’s goodness, and if they have something worthy of joy, it’s good to be secretly happy and post to the circle of friends. Sometimes, they will pull hatred, and sometimes they will be made fun of. Only those who are close to you, or your true friends, will be happy for you from the bottom of their hearts. Other than jealous, they are laughing.

If you show off frequently in your circle of friends, you really don’t know what will happen. Blindly high-profile is never a good thing. Smart people don’t do this. Remember, it’s right to be unpredictable.

Don’t send curses frequently.

There is a popular saying among netizens: If you want to scold someone, just ask him to scold him privately. Don’t scold him in the circle of friends, because many people will check in. Some people may say that I am angry, so I like to post scolding in my circle of friends. What’s the matter, I’m not talking about everyone, just to let that one person see, and people who don’t like to watch don’t. no big deal!

Yes, maybe you think that it’s your right to post in Moments, but the target of watching WeChat is a lot of other people. People who don’t care about you don’t care what you say. What you say has no effect, but everyone The opinion of you will change.

Scolding people is inherently uncivilized. Scolding in Moments is to make private contradictions public and magnify them, which may make it impossible to resolve contradictions and forge hatred. Besides, Moments is also a public place, so you must be careful when speaking. , Don’t make temper.

Sometimes, what you say and do in your circle of friends reflect your three views and behavior. A person who can’t speak well, whether in reality or in circle of friends, will not be welcomed.

Don’t send negative energy often. Negative energy is contagious, and it will seriously affect the people around you. Emotions, if you don’t control it well, will make you disgusting. If you control it well, it’s called being quiet. In fact, everyone hates the kind of pessimistic person, often sighs, and often vents in the circle of friends, just like being wronged by the world, I am uncomfortable all day, not active, and bring my negative energy to my side People who are overwhelmed and upset. In this world, few people are happy with your happiness, sad with your sorrow, no one will suffer your pain; in this world, everyone is busy, everyone is tired, everyone is paying attention to themselves , Your pain, except for your loved ones, few people are interested. The adult world is full of tears and collapses, but after crying, paining, and wiping away the tears, I still have to smile and move on, bandage the wound, and move on with pain. You talk about your thoughts all day long, yelling about your own pain, and what you get is definitely not comfort and sympathy, but some people dislike, some appreciate, some jokes. Life is not easy, do it, and cherish it.

Personal daily life, don’t post it often. Some people have to post to Moments wherever they go, and it is very annoying to go all the way to send it all the way. Some people even pretend to be inadvertent when posting photos in Moments that are not tying or evasive, but in fact it is deliberate. In order to attract the attention of others. Make a circle after eating a meal, and make a circle in the toilet. Some people are even more outrageous. Not only eat, go to the toilet, even take a bath, but also make a circle. Looking at the mirror, the upper body must be naked. A photo with almost bare breasts; some people also post pictures of lying on the bed with their shoulders exposed, clothing exposed, and frivolous behavior. They think that they are very beautiful, but in fact they feel very uncomfortable. Comfortable. In fact, the best life is what you manage in real life, not a few refined photos in your circle of friends.

Your efforts need not be obvious to all. Nowadays, a kind of effort is popular in life, called punching in the circle of friends. Some people reported how many kilometers they walked every day, and some people reported that they learned a few words every day, including what books their children read today, but most people didn’t continue to update after a few days. Full of confidence, in the end it was nothing. Pseudo-aspirations in the circle of friends often swallow our dreams, because many check-ins are actually more formal than content, and circle of friends is not a place to study well. Those who only clamor about what they want to achieve are often just talking about it. Whether a person really works is not to let everyone know, nor is it to be monitored by everyone, but to be quiet Work quietly and enrich yourself quietly.

Remember, in the adult world, don’t just post it casually in Moments, as long as you live better than Moments in real life, that’s enough.


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