It’s really broken up like this, I am speechless I was broken up

In The Adult World, Don’t Post It Casually In Moments!

Haha, I am speechless! I was broken up! I don’t know what expression to put on! Today, my boyfriend, oh no, he’s an ex-boyfriend. He told me that he broke up! I was broken up somehow, uncomfortable batch!

The thing is like this. When the two people reached the point of discussing marriage, their parents also came to our house and talked about our affairs. Then the day his parents came, the famous long-tongued woman from our village came to my house and saw it. Therefore, many people in our village know about it.

He is a soldier brother, and sometimes he can’t bring his cell phone when he has a mission. There was a mission some time ago, and we haven’t contacted him for a long time. In the middle of 520, I carefully prepared a video and sent it to him, but he has not responded. Yesterday, he probably got his mobile phone. Then I asked him if he watched the video and what video he said. Then I called him and said that he called his mother that day. His mother said that he hadn’t prepared a wedding bed for us yet. Say, it’s all about money! Later, I said that we had a boxing gift here, costing 10,000 yuan, and then he said that he had something to do, and I said he would talk about it when he was free.

At noon today, I had asked him to make a voice call after eating at noon, but he did not answer. In the afternoon he asked me what was wrong, and I asked him if he watched the video I made. He told me that he hadn’t watched it. I was a little angry, so he said hum. Then he told me that he seriously told me to break up and felt that the two of us were inappropriate… I asked him why, he said he didn’t want to get married, I asked if he didn’t want to get married now or didn’t want to marry me, he said he didn’t want to marry me marry! I understand. He doesn’t love me anymore. Actually there is a sign, right?

I have believed his busyness and his excuses. For so long, I have been deceiving myself and others. Whenever he loves me, I believe it. Whenever he is busy, I believe it! He said that he did not post the Moments because the troops wanted to check, and I believed it!

Think about it now, I’m so stupid!

I am not afraid of the pain of a long-distance relationship. I am not afraid of the pain of military marriage and I am not afraid of the pain of military marriage. I am not afraid of the difficulties of bringing children and maintaining a home in the future… …However, what was exchanged was not to be cherished, and it was inappropriate!

Yes, I am not afraid of so many difficulties ahead, try to improve myself, and strive to overcome all the difficulties, but he who should have been fighting with me, let go of my hand! Perhaps, he really loved me, but he doesn’t love me anymore! Yeah, no more love! Although he chased me first, the feelings I paid seemed more! He made me experience the pain of breaking up many times, and I can bear it. This time, I can’t bear it anymore. Originally, I wanted him to make it clear to me. Now he doesn’t answer my phone. Don’t I understand?

I can only tell myself, stop being stupid!

After all, if it’s just two people quarreling, there is nothing irreversible, but now, neighbors in the neighborhood know that we are going to get married, but he broke up with me at this time and put me in the ridicule of everyone! He didn’t think about me at all, or he never thought about me!

His parents came to our house, and his mother said that they had a wedding on National Day, but they didn’t look forward to the day. In fact, their attitude has long been very clear. I just believed in the words that people love me and want to marry me. Selective neglect, so at this point, you are really stupid to the end!

It’s okay, don’t care, people don’t care about me anyway! Hope to meet someone who cherishes me! Will do! Most definitely!

Yes, I deserve better, go for the best don’t hold unto anyone


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