Let Go Of Your Worries And Return To Life

Let Go Of Your Worries And Return To Life

I had a few troubles some time ago, and they have been resolved one by one in these two days.

First of all, my mobile phone card was inexplicably broken, and there was no signal from the operator, which caused many things to be affected and travel was not smooth. All kinds of software in the mobile phone can’t be used, money receipts and payments are stuck, sending and receiving express delivery has become a problem, and I can only use the home WiFi to continue my life every day. It seems inconvenient to replenish the card in a different place. I didn’t replenish the card until two days. Everything was back to normal, and the life that was difficult to move was finally over, and he let out a long sigh of relief.

The second is that the nose pads of my frame glasses are broken, but it is very innocent. The reason is because I like to write at night, and I often put on my glasses and write for a while after applying a sleeping mask on my face. Once when wiping the nose pad, too much force caused it to be broken off. Although I also have contact lenses, I am still used to wearing glasses when working at home. Later, it was found that the use of the nose pad was not affected much after being broken off, and the inconvenience of the mobile phone was also delayed for a period of time. It took two days to go to the optician to repair it. What I think is such an ordinary thing now is extremely rare for me.

Next is about my hair. Recently, more and more hair falls, so the frequency of using a vacuum cleaner to suck the hair is getting higher and higher, from once a day to three times a day. After combing my hair in the morning, I didn’t dare to look back. I saw the spread of hair on the ground, as if I was a terminally ill patient. After eating breakfast in the morning, the first thing you must do is to drag the vacuum cleaner and start sucking your hair. Otherwise, looking at the hair all over the floor, you can’t work at ease. Maybe you have some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I think the hair fall so much, maybe it has something to do with the length of my hair. After all, I have not cut my hair for two years. It is a real version of long hair that reaches the waist, quite ancient.

Yesterday I made an appointment with my friend to cut my hair. After the cut, we evaluated each other. I told my friend that your hair was originally quite short, but after the cut, I didn’t think it made much difference; my friend said to me that you finally have a human haircut; I said this is my Is it classical? The little brother who cut his hair couldn’t help but add a sentence on the side. Although only one-third of the total length was cut off, he really cut a lot, as if he had cut off a head.

I feel that after my hair is cut short, it greatly reduces the difficulty of shampooing, blowing and conditioning my hair. Because my hair was too long before, I felt that I would use up a lot of silver every time I wash and care. Maybe I lost 100 million because of my hair. Recently, there are signs of a little disorder in my work and rest, but I will try to control my life and return to regularity. The running that has been stopped for a long time starts again, otherwise the treadmill at home will really become a clothes rail. The diet has also begun to become healthier, because express delivery has finally become more convenient recently, so I ordered a lot of fruit and vegetable salads. A healthy life still depends on a good schedule and diet, otherwise no amount of coffee can save my sluggish spirit.

The sudden increase in temperature in the past few days gives people an illusion, it seems to jump directly from winter to summer, so caught off guard. Regardless of whether the temperature will fall, exercise is imperative. It is not easy to stick to a regular and healthy life, but I think I will still work hard for this summer that I have never met but I have never met before.


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