Life, The Answer To All Questions

Life, The Answer To All Questions

In ordinary and calm days, I always ask many questions about life, where will I go, how will I live tomorrow, whether my life will be bad in the future, and even if the dream I have tonight is good.

I think it was listening and memorizing these questions one by one. It never spoke too much, just watched me silently. When I watched the sun and the moon change with anticipation, the answers to all the questions were just as easy. Surfaced.

I believe that some of the answers to those questions are sparkling, and some are boring, mixed with joy and sorrow, this is the true nature of life.

The answer is still being turned over, and I am slowly living, looking forward to it, and meeting slowly. I believe it is simple and unpretentious enough to tell me the way to find the future step by step.


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