Mind Blowing; The Shortest Marriage In The World, Only Three Minutes

The Shortest Marriage In The World, Only Three Minutes

Hearing such a story, a couple of lovers had just gone through the marriage procedures in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and just as they were about to leave, the bride suddenly fell to the ground in front of the groom. At this time, the groom did not go to help the bride immediately, but laughed. , And then added another sentence: What a stupid pig!

When the bride heard this, she didn’t immediately get angry. She said a sentence that surprised everyone: Let’s get a divorce! At the bride’s insistence, three minutes after finishing the marriage formalities, she divorced in a hurry.

This matter, many people think is just a small matter, how can it be related to divorce?

In my opinion, this is not just a trivial matter. In marriage, there are often details throughout life. What women care about most is the little things and small things in life.

His life is very long. At the beginning of the marriage, this man showed his indifference and disregard for each other. With such an uncertain premise, there must be an uncertain result. This was what this woman thought at the time, and she was undoubtedly right to make such a decision simply and decisively.


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