My Colleague Emelda And I Had Menstruation Delayed For 16 Days

My Colleague Emelda And I Had Menstruation Delayed For 16 Days

My colleague Emelda and I had menstruation delayed for 6 days and 10 days for the last month.

Because it took too long, we both went to the hospital for examination. Only after the examination results came out did we know that one of us was a uterine fibroid and the other was an ovarian cyst. After I got the results, I seemed to have lost my soul. It took a long time before I calmed down and called my boyfriend to tell him my situation.

When the boyfriend learned the news, he immediately bought a high-speed rail ticket and rushed to him. He said that the inspection should be continued, and the operation should be performed if the operation is performed. I asked him what should I do if I cannot get pregnant after the operation? He took me in his arms and said, “It’s okay, we can adopt one.”

At the beginning of this month, I went into the operating room to have myomas removed. Fortunately, the operation was very successful. The boyfriend took the chicken soup prepared in advance and sat on the bed and fed it to me. He said as he fed it, “When you are discharged from the hospital, I will take you home. I don’t want you to live outside alone.”

I know he was afraid of my thoughts and emotions, so I did not refuse as before.

Where is my colleague Emelda?

She and her boyfriend originally lived together. When she went home and told her boyfriend the news, she thought the other party would comfort her a few words, but did not want the other party to ask again: “Does it affect fertility?”

The colleague gritted his teeth and lied, saying: “It’s influential.” After listening, the other party didn’t continue talking. As a result, the colleague returned from get off work the next day and found that all the things at home related to her boyfriend were gone.

She called him, but was prompted to be on the phone. My colleague was confused, called me and asked me what to do? I don’t know how to persuade, I can only tell you to look for it again.

Later, my colleague finally found her boyfriend with the help of other friends. She asked him, “What do you mean?” The other party said, “It’s nothing, but I just think we are inappropriate.”

After hearing this sentence, the colleague cried, but did not continue to question. She said: “My illness is not as serious as I thought, but he didn’t even ask.”

She added: “The two people have been together for so many years, there is nothing inappropriate, these are just excuses he made.”

Because I love you, I am very concerned about everything about you, no matter how far apart we are, I can show up in time when you need it. Because I don’t love you, even if I have stayed by your side, I don’t want to give a little bit.

They all say that love is beautiful, but it can only be said that finding the right person is considered beautiful. What is the difference between love without the right person and hell on earth?

How can you find someone who is sincere to yourself?

Please learn to distinguish and analyze when you get to know each other. Some people will do their best to treat you when they have an attempt to you.

If you still insist on your position and don’t nod to agree, then he will immediately turn around and leave.

If you encounter a shameless person, he will ask you to return all the things he sent back.

If you meet someone who insists on looking for you and paying for you even if he hits a wall with you, then you can consider agreeing to his request.

But remember, agreeing to fall in love does not mean agreeing to sleep with him. The person who truly loves you, he will not easily mention these things to you. He will respect your ideas and will be in your opinion.

Remember, you can talk about love, but you can’t just hand over yourself.

If you are with him easily, some men will think in their hearts: So you are so casual! Before meeting me, were you as casual as other men?

In suspicion, his love for you will gradually decline, and eventually he will not love you.

Therefore, please take good care of yourself.

Find the right person, you live a heavenly life; if you don’t find the right person, you can only spend it in hell. Keep your eyes open and take your time.


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