People Who Really Grow Up Have These Three Characteristics

People Who Really Grow Up Have These Three Characteristics

“We have to continue to grow up and grow continuously in our lifetime, so as to resist downward forces. You will slowly let yourself live as a beam of light.”

As we grow up, there will always be moments when things go against our expectations. But growth is the power of spiritual improvement. Only by constantly growing upwards can we resist downward forces.

Those who really grow up have these three characteristics.

1. Growth Mindset

Recently, in the highly acclaimed “Youth with You 2”, there have been many “tweeted meat” contestants.

When thinking of “twisted pork”, many people label it overnight, greasy and other negative labels.

Yes, James is the so-called “twisted pork”, “Go Up!” “Youth”, “Hot-blooded Street Dance Troupe”, “Youth with You 2”, etc., are all stages she has fought on.

But it is precisely because of these experiences that she has become more and more powerful as she continues to grow.

Recently, the theme song of “Youth With You 2”, which she performed with hundreds of trainees, was officially released. She became the theme song C and led 107 trainees. Prove with strength that “twisted pork” is not a negative label.

It is inevitable to encounter frustration, incomprehension, and ridicule on the way to growth, which can easily lead to inferiority. But what you have to do is to be positive and grow up in failure, so that you have the right to win.

I once saw a topic on Weibo: If you go back in time, what will you change?

Someone replied:

“I will definitely awaken my unconvincing self. I have to be brave and stand up and start again.”

In life, many people will regret it when things are irreversible. But I want to tell you that no matter when you have the idea of ​​winning once, everything is possible.

People have two kinds of thinking, one is fixed thinking, the other is growth thinking:

Fixed thinking believes that people’s intelligence and potential are fixed, and if they can’t get it with special effort, they can’t get it.

Such people are more concerned about the opinions of others and their evaluations of themselves, worrying about being denied, avoiding challenges, and unwilling to change the status quo.

The growth mindset believes that people can continue to grow. There is nothing to limit oneself. Even if you don’t get it, you will grow up if you work hard.

Such people are positive, brave to challenge, and willing to change the status quo.

It can be seen that growth thinking is a great skill for a person to grow up. Don’t let a fixed thinking mode set limits on your life.

Society is complicated. We face various things every day, and it is impossible for everything to go smoothly. This requires us to break through the fixed thinking and resist downward forces.

Don’t think that I can’t do it or things can’t be changed because of failure. Instead, you should grow up, be positive and achieve transformation, so that you can see more possibilities.

2. Replay

“Whether it is successful or not after a thing is done, sit down and sort out the pre-thoughts, the problems in the middle, why the goals were not reached and other factors, and learn the lessons from the last time when you do the same thing next time.

That is to learn from past experience, actual work and life, and effectively summarize experience.

A friend once shared one thing with me:

When she took the IELTS speaking test once, she felt that her results were not satisfactory.

After returning home, she sat on the ground for 2 hours, repeating the entire oral exam in her mind from beginning to end.

What question did the teacher ask? What did she answer herself? Would it be better to change her answer?

In this way, she found out her deficiencies and gained valuable experience in the shortest time.

It can be seen that replay is a very important ability.

In life, when we encounter problems, the best solution is to stop, analyze the problem, and then try to solve it.

Find your own shortcomings through replays, obtain effective methods and paths, and work in a targeted manner to avoid blindly, use brute force, and do low-quality output.

At the same time, when review thinking becomes a habit, you will quickly turn experience into your ability. When you do something similar next time, you will filter out the bad things last time and complete self-improvement and upward growth.

3. Improve Self-Worth

To resist downward forces, enhancing self-worth is a good way to grow upward.

In fact, life gives you a lot of embarrassment, not because you can’t live with you, but because you want to constantly improve your survival skills in difficult situations.

A friend once complained to me:

“Every time there is a promotion, the leader always says to give priority to me, but once, twice, or three times, the people who are promoted are either unlearned people or airborne troops.

In the face of repeated setbacks, I feel that my efforts are inversely proportional to my gains. I feel that there is no value in working here. I want to leave this company. ”

I suggest:

“I raised my hands in favor of your revenge. If you break the company, you must show him some color.

But it is not the best time for you to leave now. You should take advantage of your work in the company, try to attract some customers for yourself, become the company’s unique figure, and then leave with these customers, so that the company can see your value clearly. ”

Later, my friend really worked hard and did what he wanted. One and a half years later, with his hard work, he cultivated his core competitiveness and also had many loyal customers.

Later, I asked him if he still quit. My friend said:

“The leader has promoted me to assistant to the general manager. I have no plans to leave for the time being.”

Did you notice?

During the epidemic, consumption suffered a cold winter, but there will still be many people lining up to buy luxury goods. The same is true for being a human being. Value is defined by yourself. The higher your value, the easier it is to get what you want.

When others see that your ability is greater than your position, they will give you more opportunities; when you become better, it will be easier to obtain more excellent resources.

If you can provide too little value to others, don’t blame others for despising you. Only by recharging diligently, constantly upward, and making yourself irreplaceable, can you resist downward forces.

4 People Who Really Grow Up Have Three Characteristics

I like a sentence:

“Everyone who gets beaten up by life has the right to win once.”

In fact, this performance of life requires a hundred practice to win once. Those who really grow up should also continue to cultivate these three characteristics.

First, growth-oriented thinking.

“I can’t” “I can’t change”, often fixed thinking is like this. But not everything in life cannot be changed. We should change our thinking, enter a growth mindset, and be positive, thereby changing the status quo.

Second, replay.

When you find that the current method is not good, you should not make low-quality output, make timely adjustments, and find a path that suits you, so that you can reach a new level.

Third, enhance self-worth.

The society is realistic, and this is an era that depends on achievements. Only by working hard to strengthen oneself and strengthen the ability can oneself become irreplaceable, so as to continue to grow upward and resist the downward force that is eliminated.

Upward is the direction of growth, and no one is exception. Go straight ahead and go the way you should.


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