The Highest Level Of Life, Don’t Be Angry, Don’t Complain, Don’t Force

The Highest Level Of Life, Don’t Be Angry, Don’t Complain, Don’t Force

Don’t Be Angry

An old woman is often angry about trivial things. One day she went to a monk for advice. After listening to her narration, the monk led her to a meditation room and left behind.

The woman was so violent that she cursed for a long time, but the monk ignored it. The woman began to plead, but the monk turned a deaf ear. The woman was finally silent.

The eminent monk came to the door and asked her, “Are you still angry?” The woman said, “I am only angry for myself. How come I came to this ghost place to suffer this sin?”

“How can people who don’t even forgive themselves have a heart like water?” The monk walked away.

After a while, the monk asked again: “Are you still angry?” The woman said, “I’m not angry anymore.” “Why?” “There is no way to be angry!” The monk left again.

When the monk came to the door for the third time, the woman told him: “I am not angry anymore because I am not worthy of anger.”

The senior monk smiled and said: “You still know whether it’s worth it, it seems that there is still a root of energy in your heart.” After a while, when the senior monk stood outside the door facing the sunset, the woman asked, “Master, what is Qi?” The eminent monk poured the tea in his hands on the ground, and the woman looked at it for a long time, had an epiphany, and thanked her.

Our lives are like the cup of tea in the hands of the eminent monk. Time is so short, and there are some boring things in life, why is it worth our time to get angry?

I believe that we all have the experience of being angry about trivial matters in our lives, it is nothing more than to compete for high and low, strong and weak, can compete, no one is the ultimate winner.

You win someone in this matter, maybe you will lose to him in another matter, winning or losing, winning or losing. When you close your eyes and bid farewell to this world, you are the same as all people in the world: nothing, empty hands.

In life, the most important thing is to do something that you think is meaningful. Don’t spend your time vying for fame and gain, and don’t always talk about “just fighting for this tone”.

Really cultivated people will swallow this breath. Only if you are not angry can you do good things and live healthy.

Do Not Complain

There are always many unsatisfactory things in life, and some people choose to balance their mentality in the form of complaining.

As everyone knows, complaining too much will only bring us more negative effects, with all harms and no benefits.

Albert, the author of “Letter to Garcia,” once asked an executive of a famous company: “How do you examine different applicants?”

The executive said:

“When I recruit employees, I focus on how the other person evaluates the company I just left and the previous job. If I just keep complaining, then this kind of person will not be considered in any way.”

It is true that people who only complain but do not know how to be grateful tend to only like to see the bad side of things, but do not know how to appreciate the good things.

Such people are narrow and gloomy wherever they look, and the road to life will only get narrower and narrower.

The mime actor Chaplin was born in poverty, and his life as a child suffered from poverty.

But even in such a hungry and cold environment, he still did not complain too much, but faced everything with optimism.

He wrote in his memoir:

“When I was in the orphanage, I was hungry and wandered around the street. But I kept telling myself, what can I complain about?

One day, I will become the most famous comedian in the world. The current adversity will only make me stronger! ”

Good people are good not because they are outstanding, but because they have a stable mentality.

They can bear the hardships given by life, and then rise to the challenge!

Don’t Force

As the saying goes: “Sometimes in fate must be there, but there is no time to force it in fate.”

In life, there are many things that we cannot control, whether gains or losses are the scenery on the road of life.

Doing your best in everything, and getting the results at ease is the best attitude in life.

The famous educator Mr. larry once visited Master Karic.

When the two were dining, larry saw that Master Karic only had one pickle, and asked, “Don’t you think this pickle is too salty?”

Master Karic replied: “Salt has a salty taste, which is also very good.”

After the meal, larry saw Master Karic drinking only plain water, and wondered: “Don’t you need to add some tea? Is it possible that you only drink plain water every day?”

Master Karic said: “Although the level of boiled water is light, the light also has a light taste.”

A true wise man does not have no pursuit of life, but knows not to force, can stand the ordinary, and know how to accept the ups and downs of life.

The old saying goes: “If you have something to take, you must have something to give up. If you insist on both but don’t know how to give up, there is nothing you can do.”

The world is impermanent, blessings and disasters depend on each other. To force too much, in fact, can’t get through with myself.

Don’t demand what you can’t get; don’t rush for what can’t be done.

Be a little more indifferent, and be more calm in doing things, and life will be more comfortable.

Life is a journey with no return.

Therefore, we don’t need to be overly demanding, let alone worry about trivial matters.

When you face life with a calm and unhurried attitude, the road of life will be smoother.


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