The Reason For My Cousin’s Divorce Is Weird

The Reason For My Cousin's Divorce Is Weird

My aunt said that my cousin Xiaojing drank iodophor and was rescued in time. She finally survived. She asked me to take time to see my cousin.

I was shocked to hear the news. Cousin Xiaojing and I grew up naked. Usually dull but I can talk to each other quite well. After we got married, we had less and less contact.

What made the cousin go to a dead end?

Auntie hung up, so I immediately asked for leave and went to the hospital.

The cousin was lying on the bed, her eyes closed, her face was pale, and the mother-in-law and sister-in-law were sitting by the bed.

When my mother-in-law saw me, she said excitedly: Xiaojing hasn’t woke up yet, I don’t know why this child can’t think about it, so she drank it… She has only been married to our house for 58 days. Yesterday morning, her room was open. Er, she was lying on the ground, I went in and saw, she foamed at her mouth, and there was an empty bottle next to her, so I quickly called the police.

My sister-in-law said: My sister-in-law wants to divorce!

The mother-in-law said again: Let’s tell you, Xiaojing’s family hasn’t been here for a long time, but she often gets angry with my son, saying that she wants to divorce, and ran to her natal family when she was angry. When my son went to pick her up, she told her to I had a good life, but only a few days after I came back, I was angry and wanted to get a divorce and went back to my natal family. I went back and forth four or five times, which made my son always blame her for being bad enough.

Why did the cousin do this? She hadn’t woke up yet, so it was inconvenient for me to ask the reason, because I was in a hurry to go to work, so I left the hospital.

I’ve been thinking about my cousin’s body, because I often traveled on business, it was already half a year later to visit my cousin.

The cousin’s husband said that he hadn’t seen her cousin for four months, and he didn’t know where she was going. He looked for his cousin almost whenever he was free. When talking about his cousin, the cousin’s husband looked melancholy and worried.

The cousin’s mother-in-law said that the eldest aunt hid the cousin, and the two families also had grievances and conflicts.

I asked my eldest aunt, she said that she really didn’t know where her cousin was.

Later, after doing everything possible, the cousin’s husband finally found the cousin. The cousin works in a restaurant in the provincial capital. However, the cousin’s husband went to pick him up several times, but he didn’t take his cousin back.

My aunt asked me to persuade my cousin to go home.

My cousin was very happy when she saw me. When I explained my purpose, she sobbed.

The cousin suffered from language disorder since she was a child. Because the family’s financial condition was not good at the time, the disease was not treated in time and her speech was slurred. After she grew up, she felt inferior inferiority everywhere.

I missed the best age for marriage and didn’t have a job. My aunt was anxious and feared that my cousin would have no security in the future. So she asked someone to tell her cousin about a marriage. The cousin didn’t like this man, she wouldn’t marry, and her mother was worried. I also feel that I am eating leisurely at home, which simply fits the aunt’s wishes, and is married.

It’s really not good for my cousin to take her. The twisted melon is not sweet. Every time the husband and wife had conflicts, the cousin would go back to her natal family. When the aunt persuaded, the cousin would go back with her eldest brother-in-law, and said she would live a good life.

But as soon as she returned to her husband’s house, the cousin broke her promise and didn’t want to explain the real reason. She repeated it several times and embarrassed her family. The cousin also felt hopeless in life, so she thought of using extreme methods to kill her.

If you want to die, you can’t do it.

The cousin also wants to live a good life, but she just can’t get through the hurdle in her heart. She didn’t want her aunt to treat it as a patient who could not take care of her. She wants to support herself, and she wants to find the love she likes.

She said that she is not doing well now, but she is living as she wishes, so she will go home for a divorce after some time.

What can I say, a wonderful life is a person who can live out himself.


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