The Three People Closest To You Determine The Direction Of Your Life

“All the accidents in life are actually destined and fate.”

Every section of the road you have traveled, everyone you meet, everything you do, in fact subtly affect your destiny and lead you to different paths.

As the saying goes: With whomever you are with, you will become what kind of person; what kind of life you will have when you enter the circle.

Walk with good people and go further 

“Xunzi Encouraging Learning” wrote:

Peng Sheng Ma, do not support self-righteousness, white sand is in Nirvana, and it is black with it.

This means that:

The canopy grass grows in hemp and can stand upright without support; when the white sand mixes into the black soil, it will become as black as the soil. It can be seen that the environment is very important to a person’s growth and even determines a person’s life direction.

There is a term in management, called: catfish effect .

In Norway, people like to eat sardines, but because sardines like to flock and are lazy by nature, it is often not easy to catch live fish. The fishermen tried every means to get the sardines to the fishing port alive, but often backfired.

However, there is a fishing boat that can always catch live fish. It was not until later that everyone learned that the captain would put a few active catfish in the tank every time he fished. The sardines would accelerate after being affected. Swimming promotes air circulation, and the chance of catching live fish is much greater.

The same is true for people, who are inherently lazy. Some people have a clear goal in their minds, so they get rid of many bad habits by virtue of self-discipline.

But some people get better because they have experienced something or met a good person.

Some time ago, a student dormitory at Northwest University was on a hot search.

During the four years of undergraduate studies, 6 girls living in one dormitory received a total of more than 160,000 scholarships and grants. Before graduation, all 6 were admitted to graduate school or went to prestigious universities.

Everyone said enviously: Choosing a dormitory is very important, and choosing a roommate is more important.

Also on the headlines are a couple of PhDs: Yu Yuan and Huang Peisen both graduated from the School of Medicine of Tsinghua University. They have been in love for five years from their first studies to now and plan to get married in the second half of the year.

Yu Yuan smiled at the camera and said:

Because they are with each other, they will not be boring when doing research.

With a positive and motivated person by your side, he will accompany you to a larger world and see a broader world. At that time, you will definitely work harder because of such a partner.

Therefore, whether it is a lover, a friend, a colleague, a family member, or a truly outstanding person, they will ultimately achieve each other.

Walking with the wise, the road is naturally wide; with the high-ranking people, go further; flying with the phoenix, it must be a handsome bird; walking with the tiger and wolf, it must be a beast!

Good people are like the sun, bringing you light. When you gradually adapt to the bright, you never want to go back to the dark.

Work with reliable people to do more with less

Someone asked on Zhihu: What is the most important quality of being a human being? I saw a Gao Zan replied: “You are reliable when you encounter things, you have to take responsibility before you, and credit is always the first.”

It boils down to two words: reliable.

Warren Buffett talked about a quiz at an exchange meeting: He asked students, if you were to choose to buy 10% of a classmate’s shares, who would you choose?

Under normal circumstances, you may not choose the smartest, the most energetic, or the best at home, but it is likely that you will be the most honest person who can realize the benefits of others.

If you are asked to sell 10% of a certain classmate, you will not necessarily choose the poorest, nor the poorest.

Most of the time, you will definitely choose the person who crosses the river and demolishes the bridge, who likes to play tricks and has no integrity.

Therefore, the strength of ability, wealth, intelligence, etc. are not necessarily the most important criteria for measuring people. Whether it is in life or work, working with reliable people can seek peace of mind.

When you are down, he will always help;

When you are framed by others, he always trusts the one you;

When you encounter an emergency, he will accompany you to take care of it.

Don’t come here when you are famous, and never turn around and leave when you are low.

Words must be done, deeds will be fruitful, and heart for heart will be rewarded.

There is a long-lived saying on the Internet:

The so-called reliable person means that everything is explained, everything is successful, and everything is answered.

The adult world is unfathomable. It is not easy to meet a reliable friend. If you are lucky enough to be with you, you must cherish it.

Get along with people who understand you and live up to this life

Liao Yimei’s book reads: “In this life, it is not rare for a person to meet love and sex. What is rare is to meet and understand.”

Someone once initiated a poll on the Internet: Whether you are getting married or making friends, what do you think are the necessary conditions?

In the end, the highest number of votes was: the three views are the same and understand each other.

What is it like to get along with someone who doesn’t understand you?

You said that it is really happy for others to receive roses on Valentine’s Day. He said that sending flowers is not true at all, so it is better to have a big meal.

You said that you should go to see the world more when you have time during the holidays. He said that if you have time to spend the spare money, it is better to sleep at home.

You said that you should buy tickets to watch the newly released movies. He said that the movie theaters are crowded, and it’s not the same for watching pirated copies at home.

You said you want to learn some new things to improve yourself, and he said why bother yourself when you are old.

Robin Way Limes said: “I thought the worst thing in life is to die alone, but it’s not.”

The worst thing is to die with those who make you feel lonely.

Everything in the world can be succumbed, but emotions cannot be succumbed.

Life is only 30,000 days. It’s better to be with someone who knows your warmth and sorrows, and stay away from those who make you exhausted.

When “Know It or Not” was broadcast, there was a heated discussion on the Internet: The little father-in-law has such a prominent family background, and he likes Sheng Minglan so much, and he will love her in every way after marriage. Why Minglan chose Gu Tingye in the end.

I agree with an answer: it is enough for someone to spoil you when you are in love, but marriage is looking for someone who “will understand everything if you don’t say it” and “he will understand your ideas and support you”.

Obviously Minglan didn’t choose the wrong one, and the ending was happy.

“Late Marriage” sings: “I’m waiting, the only one in the world fits the soul.”

You shared an article in your circle of friends, few people clicked it to read it, but you posted a group of life photos but received countless likes. In fact, more people only care about your external appearance, and very few people go to it. Care about your preferences.

And these few people are very precious.

As said in “The Elegance of Hedgehog”:

We are all lonely hedgehogs. Only people with the same frequency can see the unknown elegance in each other’s hearts.

People come and go in life, but you will always meet someone who understands you, understands your insincere, understands your joys and sorrows.

When spring passes and autumn comes, my life will pass quietly, because there is a acquaintance by my side, all the good past has a place to talk about.

Studies have shown that the average value of the few people you are closest to is your value.

Go ahead with good people, you will become better, and then go further;

Work with reliable people, everything will go through smoothly, every step will be steady and strong;

Spending a lifetime with someone who understands you, this trip to the world, all experiences are worthwhile.

Your circle of friends greatly affects the quality of your life and determines your life pattern.

I really like what Haruki Murakami said:

Everyone has his own piece of forest, maybe we have never been to it, but it has always been there, always there. Those who are lost are lost, and those who meet will meet again.

I hope you can also find your own forest, and everything you encounter is good, and your journey is smooth.


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