There Is Always A Small Shop Where You Can Meet Yourself

There is a special shop in a quiet part of the street.

No matter who you are, just write your worries in the letter and drop it into the letter box at the entrance of the store, and you will receive a reply the next day. A few words can make people suddenly open up.

In your mind, is there such a special shop?

That little shop may not be very exquisite or famous, but it always makes you want to go there.

That little shop, it will not answer questions, but will heal life and meet itself at some point.

As soon as it turned bright, Kelvin woke up her son who was sleeping.

The father and son passed through the early morning stall and rushed straight to the “sa” soup shop. Sa soup is a special breakfast in Huainan area. It is simmered with chicken bones, sprinkled with shredded chicken, coix seed, ginger rice, peanuts, etc. to make a soup, beat an egg before it is out of the pot, boil the soup, scoop it, and pepper it.

This time, I happened to return to my hometown in Suzhou. Regardless of the hotel breakfast coupons given by friends, Kelvin brought her son to this restaurant for breakfast every day. After eating a bowl, the two of them sweated profusely, and their faces were contented.

When Kelvin drank sa soup for the first time, he felt that “it’s not bad to be a scientist in Suzhou County”. His son drank it when he returned to his hometown when he was one year old. Since then, his eyes brightened when he heard of sa soup.

“On the base of the tongue is the most stubborn homesickness, and there is the code to identify our different genes.”

Infatuated with a store, maybe because of its taste.

Especially in cities far away from homeland, if you can find a small shop with a hometown flavor, it will taste like four walls, building a hometown for us, regardless of wind or rain.

Frank once said that UK people like to drink tea most. “If you have a pot of tea, you can move around.”

It is good to drink tea at home, but it is better to drink tea in a tea house. Whether it is an old teahouse with a lot of people, or a teahouse in a quiet corner, you can sit for half a day with a pot of tea.

When Philip was studying in UK, he liked an old teahouse very much. It is very close to Cuihu Lake. “The wind blowing from Cuihu Lake always smells of floating lotus.”

He and his classmates, two or three, were making tea and reading books, without talking for half a day. I even wrote a few novels here.

The writer Bane missed the teahouse in front of his house when he used to live in Suzhou. Early in the morning, the old tea guest came to the door and drank a cup of strong tea to refresh his mind. Small vendors who sell melon seeds, peanuts, and breakfasts come and go every day, and occasionally they sell singing.

He likes to drink tea and listen to people eating “teaching”. In the past, when the two sides had conflicts, they went to the teahouse theory. After the tea guests listened to the discussion, they were judged by the respected people. Sometimes a disagreement may cause teapots and cups to fly around.

A teahouse is a rivers and lakes, and you can read everything in the world.

In such a small shop, you don’t have to socialize. Make a pot of tea, whether rich or poor, high or low, you and I are both tea lovers, and both have their own comfort.

If you want to find a shop like this, if you can’t figure out the things, you can’t solve the worries, let it go first, make a pot of tea slowly, and drink the real taste of the world.

Last year, the Old Bookworm Bookstore in Beijing closed.

For many people, it is more than just a bookstore.

Someone said: “In the cold winter, I always want to hide from the old bookworms. It is always warm and comfortable, with the white noise of cafes. It is an ideal environment for creators. The bookcases standing upright and the walls full of old books can be borrowed, giving People who like books have a great sense of security.”

There is a painter who has been here for ten years. That day, she spent an afternoon drawing the bookstore that I will never see again, drawing the people who went there, and asking everyone who appeared in the painting to sign.

The shop is gone, even if there is a new address in the future, the memories of the past will be difficult to find. For example, when you miss a lover in the past, you can’t find the small window table where you sat together.

Those memories that want to be cherished, because there is no small shop for them, become like catkins in the late spring, floating and lacking support.

Love the shop, relive the tenderness in memory.

I want to find a small shop, to accompany it to grow old, and to place my precious memories.

In the big city,

There will always be a small shop for you to read.

Just find a small shop,

No need to install the next world,

Just to meet myself.

Maybe it’s taste, atmosphere, memory,

Can build a hometown for us,

Half a day of leisure, a moment of heartbeat,

That’s enough.


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