Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies Were Reportedly Shot in Compton

Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies Were Reportedly Shot in Compton;

Two County Sheriff’s Deputies Were Reportedly Shot in Compton At Los Angeles.

The alleged incident was captured on video when it transpired Saturday night. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) described the above footage as depicting one man in Compton firing a gun into a police vehicle containing two sheriff’s deputies.

The video does not show any potential lead-up to the event but does show the alleged shooter swiftly fleeing.

The LASD held a press briefing on the matter and has since been vocal about public concern over the case.

The sheriff’s deputies, employed under LASD’s Transit Services Bureau, are reported to have survived the initial event and were rushed to St. Francis Medical Center in Los Angeles. At this point, LASD claims, protesters gathered at entrances and chanted “We hope they die”.

Villanueva stated at the press briefing, “There was two deputies who were ambushed by a gunman in a cowardly fashion. They were both critically injured, multiple gunshot wounds, they’re currently being treated for at the hospital.” He added, “This is just a somber reminder that this is a dangerous job.”
The occurrence readily caught national attention, with TMZ reporting that President Trump stated “If they die, fast trial death penalty for the killer.” The outlet also said that Joe Biden described the event as “unconscionable”, and said the suspect “must be brought to justice”.

Neither the suspect nor the sheriff’s deputies have been publicly identified. The suspect has not been publicly identified.



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