Who Didn’t Complain; This Year’s Difficulties

When Academician Zhong Nanshan said that there were still new epidemics this winter and next spring, I couldn’t help but sink.

The people’s livelihood affected by the epidemic is too great. There are two friends around me who are in the tourism industry. They were unemployed until the end of April. It didn’t dawn until after May Day. In June, they were unemployed again due to the new epidemic in Beijing;

A friend started a children’s drawing class, and it didn’t reopen until early June. Before that, she had been doing some part-time jobs for several months in a row. Although she also had online drawing classes, many parents They all reflect that children are not motivated enough to learn, and they don’t want to paint while painting, and they are lazy. Anyway, the effect is not as good as communicating with each other under the line.

Now, even if she reopens classes, there are fewer students than last year. After all, some parents are not at ease, especially those who go to kindergarten. Some are afraid of poor hygiene, and they don’t even go to kindergarten for more than a month.

In addition, having a mother is more miserable. She had a graduate degree and resigned at the end of last year. She wanted to find a job again after the end of the year. However, when the epidemic came, the delay was delayed. Even though the epidemic has gradually eased since March, her resume has almost fallen to the sea, so she has been unemployed.

However, to make a digression, in addition to the impact of the epidemic, there is another reason why she cannot find a job. She is a second-born mother. The job she is looking for requires close to home and get off work early (preferably), otherwise she also hopes to be on time. Off work. Some people might laugh at her when she sees this. She is more than 30 years old. Where can she find such a convenient job?

However, only after giving birth, especially the second child, do you understand the difficult choices as a mother. I want to spend more time with my child, and pick up my child to and from school, but I don’t have a suitable job; if I want to find a job as soon as possible, I usually stay far away from home (their family lives in the suburbs) and are very busy. I don’t have time to accompany the child. Her last job is Those who resigned for this reason, the elderly in the family are getting old again, their legs are not working well, and they can’t count on it.

Why do middle-aged people become greasy, anxious, and unpleasant? I think there are too many ties, so you can’t be cool.

I remember there is a joke on the Internet, to the effect that leaders must not scold young people, he will resign immediately; but you can scold middle-aged people to death, especially those who have car loans and mortgages, children and old ones.

But now that the epidemic is thrown, everything is worsening. Really, may this human disaster pass sooner.


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