Why Are So Many People Not Getting Married Now?

Why Are So Many People Not Getting Married Now?

Why are so many people not getting married now?

Take our department as an example. There are not many people in our department, just over 40 people. Most of them have married and established a business, and 8 of them are not married. Except for 3 of them born in the 90s, the other 5 are born in 80s and one in 81. The remaining 4 are concentrated in 85 and 86, 2 boys , 3 girls.

These two boys not only have a Beijing registered permanent residence, but they also have a house and a car in Beijing. Although these three girls do not have a Beijing registered permanent residence, their families have bought them houses and cars, and their houses are all around Beijing.

Their conditions are pretty good, but they don’t want to get married.

Why don’t they get married?

Because of this issue, we have also discussed it in private. The answers they gave were as follows: one was that they didn’t meet the fit and didn’t want to make a living; the other was that getting married was too troublesome, and they hadn’t had enough of it; the third was that they didn’t want to get married.

However, marriage is a matter of time period. Once you miss time, you will be passive. Don’t they feel anxious at all?

Every day I watch them live a leisurely life, very calm and calm, I really can’t figure it out, quite a bit like the emperor is not in a hurry and the eunuch is in a hurry.

Once a person’s age is over 35, especially if a girl is not married yet, if she still has a longing for marriage, what should she look for? How many suitable boys will be waiting?


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