Working In Shenzhen, My Monthly Income Is 20,000

Working in Shenzhen, my monthly income is 20,000. When I came home during the Spring Festival, my relatives asked about my income when I was about to speak. Father answered first, 5000. I don’t expect her to support us in the future. I looked at my father in surprise, but he winked at me. After that, I wanted to thank him for saving me.

After graduating from university, he stayed in Shenzhen. In two years of work, the salary rose to 20,000 yuan. From co-renting to having your own space. On the day of the salary increase, I also deliberately told my father about it.

When he was happy, he told me not to tell you how much you earn in front of your relatives. I was puzzled, but my father didn’t give a reason. Later, I forgot about it.

When I came home during the Spring Festival, my father took me to worship relatives. At noon, I had a table with a group of relatives for dinner.

During the conversation, a relative was showing off how high his son’s annual salary was, and then turned to ask me. How much do you have for working in Shenzhen for a month? When I was about to speak. Father said first, 5000 yuan. There is not enough money to eat. Don’t say, support us.

I looked at my father in surprise, but he was under the table and held my hand. Motioned me not to speak. I don’t understand, my father said something softly, and I’ll talk at home.

After returning home, the father said earnestly. Your cousin Jun was borrowed 500,000 yuan from your fourth aunt’s family. It has been 8 years and only 100,000 yuan has been repaid. The remaining 400,000 may be lost.

Brother Jun is the son of the fourth aunt, and the fourth aunt is the one who flaunts his son and makes more money. Since the fourth aunt talked about her son’s income, some relatives in financial difficulties often asked the fourth aunt to borrow money at intervals. The fourth aunt was embarrassed to refuse, who knows, she said well when she borrowed, but when she paid the money, she pushed three and four.

In 8 years, only 100,000 was returned. When I asked others to take money, I was told that your son earned so much money and he would pay you back when I had spare money.

After my father finished speaking, I was surprised. Dad, no wonder you stopped me. I thought you blamed me for not enough money sent to my family.

Father shook his head. In fact, not all relatives do this. Some people treat you as relatives, but some people only see money in their eyes. So, even if you succeed, be a low-key person. Don’t tell others about everything. Just have a bottom in your heart and can live up to your conscience.


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